2016-2017 FIRST in Michigan Middle School Rookie Team FTC Grant Application V1

    Grant Parameters

    This grant application form is for Michigan Middle School FTC rookie teams applying for reimbursement after registering and purchasing their kit of parts for the 2016-2017 season. Note that there is not a FIRST in Michigan FTC Veteran Team grant this season. The FIRST in Michigan Middle School FTC grants covered by this form are the following: Rookie team grant: $600 - Consumers Energy $600 - General Motors $200 - DTE Energy Foundation $150 - Ford Motor Co. The FIRST in Michigan FTC grant award for a team will take into consideration the team’s FIRST FTC (national) Team Grant award amount. Payout amount will cover the difference between the team’s submitted initial Kit of Parts purchase confirmation (via the FTC Storefront) and the FIRST FTC (national) Team Grant award amount but will not exceed the maximum award payout amount of $1,575 (includes FIRST FTC season registration fee). Upon approval, teams will receive a single reimbursement check from FIRST in Michigan. For FIRST in Michigan FTC grants: As grants are limited in number and the FTC Kit of Parts is reusable year to year - FIRST in Michigan FTC retains the right to request a team's sustainability plan prior to approval. Grant parameters and details contained in this form are on the FIRST in MI FTC website (firstinmichigan.org/ftc) and are also available at this link: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1SDSZhOxEtdPeIeorQhpZFXCGJ_AQakKzoamKMr1Qqo4/pub

    1) Who May Apply

    a. Any Michigan Middle School FTC team comprised entirely of middle school team members only. Middle School is as defined by the school/school district. b. Teams must be affiliated with and recognized by an entity such as a school (public, private, or home) or 501c3 type of community organization. This connection helps to ensure that the reusable Kit of Parts will remain "in play" from year to year. The “Payee” name for the reimbursement check should be the team's fiscal partner (school, 501c3 organization) and not an individual. Payment to an individual results in the grant being considered taxable income to the person receiving the funds which is not the sponsor's intent. c. Multiple teams from one school/organization: 1. If your school/organization did not participate in the past, each of the teams you register this season may apply for a grant. 2. If your school/organization participated in FTC in the past, and the number of registered teams from your school/organization this season will exceed the highest number of teams registered in past seasons - the additional incremental teams may each apply for a grant. EXAMPLE: School/organization with 1 veteran team which re-registers for 2015-16 season, 2 rookie (new) teams in that school/organization register for 2015-16 season, making 3 total. The two new teams may apply for the rookie grants. EXAMPLE: School/organization with 1 veteran team which does not re-register for 2015-16 season, 1 rookie (new) team in that school/organization registers for 2015-16 season. The new team is not eligible for the rookie grants.

    2) When To Apply

    a. All of the following must have occurred before a grant form can be submitted: 1. The team is registered for the 2016-2017 season via the FIRST website: http://www.firstinspires.org/robotics/ftc/start-a-team 2. The team has a permanent team number. Applications with temporary team numbers will not be processed. 3. Upon applying for grants, the team has purchased their kit of parts, received a proof of purchase confirmation/receipt by email, and has forwarded the confirmation/receipt email to FIRST in Michigan FTC.. The confirmation/receipt must show that payment in full has been made. A P.O number on the order confirmation does not suffice as proof of payment. 4. Email the team’s proof of purchase confirmation/receipt to michiganftc@gmail.com with the following “Subject” line for the email: FTC <insert team number> FiM Grant, KoP Proof of Purchase. It is key to include the team’s number in the subject line of all emails.

    3) Terms of the Grant

    a. Any team that receives a grant is required to build a robot from the kit of parts and participate in at least one official FIRST in Michigan FTC competition during the 2016-2017 season. If the team fails to comply, they must return their full kit to FIRST in Michigan or reimburse FIRST in Michigan for the full amount of received grants. b. Grants are restricted for use in support of the receiving FIRST in Michigan Middle School FTC team and their current FTC season related expenses. Teams must keep record of how grant funds are used and be able to provide proof of fund usage upon request. c. Grant recipients agree to recognize sponsor(s) support and agree to provide photos and stories of their season upon request. d. Reimbursement award amount could be adjusted lower based on the team’s submitted proof of purchase confirmation/receipt. Purchasing significantly less equipment than recommended or not providing required receipts could result in a lesser award.

    4) Timing

    Applications will be reviewed to confirm they meet the grant requirements, which are detailed above and in the application and agreement below. Teams approved for grants will receive a check after team registration is verified and proof of purchases are received. Grant applications will be reviewed, and submitted for payment bi-monthly throughout the 2016-2017 season.