Adena Local Schools Survey #2
The survey questions gather information about your preferences concerning aspects of operating school in the safest manner possible during the 2020-2021 school year. We know certain aspects of maintaining safety and complying with health orders won’t always be appealing, but we ask that you understand our goal is to have all students in school every day which means we have to take some measures to avoid spreading viruses and effectively deal with occurrences of the virus as they develop. If we work together, we believe the district can accomplish this goal keeping students, staff, families and the community safe. Thank you for your input.
Parent/Guardian Last Name *
Parent/Guardian First Name *
Are you a grandparent (or a parent in a high-risk category) of the student(s)? *
Your child(ren) are entering grade(s) Please check all that apply *
Does your child have an underlying health condition that places them in a high-risk group concerning COVID19? *
Do you prefer your child(ren) to attend school in person 5 days per week or do you want them to participate in remote learning? *
In the event we have a spike in cases of COVID19 during the school year, we may have to close down and transition to remote learning with little notice. Please answer the following questions even if you prefer “in person” learning.
Is there an adult who can supervise the student(s) at home to be sure they are participating in learning on a daily basis and can serve as a contact with the school regarding learning if needed? *
Do you have good and reliable internet service? *
Will someone at the residence check each child’s temperature and overall health status each morning before leaving for school, and notify the school you are keeping your child(ren) at home if one or more of them have a fever over 100 degrees? *
If your child becomes ill at school and needs to be sent home will there be a reliable contact who will take the child home from school as soon as possible? *
In order to successfully and realistically get students to school on buses, students will have to sit in family groups in assigned seats and everyone will have to wear a mask while on the bus. Will your child be riding the bus? *
(IF YOU ANSWERED NO, please respond to this question as well. If you answered yes, skip this.)If you responded with “no” please be aware we may have to adopt a staggered start time for students by grade levels or some similar method so we can safely manage the traffic flow in and out of the school both in the morning and in the afternoon. Dropoff and Pickup times may require flexibility on your part to reduce congestion. Please provide your name and phone number below.
According to Ohio’s guidelines, students need to wear a mask/shield when traveling in the hallways or where adequate distancing is not possible. Have you worked with your child to wear a mask for at least brief periods of time so they can become somewhat comfortable using them when needed? *
Inside the classroom, students may have to pull up their mask or use their shield if they have to work with the teacher in close proximity or work in a small group activity where they may not be able to maintain an adequate distance from each other. While sitting at their desk, students will have a safe distance or a clear safety barrier to define their safe space among the other students.. Have you taught your young child or spoken to your older child about being aware of monitoring a safe social distance when participating in school activities? *
One source of spread for any virus is the water fountain. The building’s water fountains won’t be available this year, but water bottles will be permitted for all students. Have you discussed the importance of NOT SHARING water bottles with your very young children? *
The building will be fitted with hand sanitizer stations at all entrances and throughout the remainder of the hallways and common areas. Have you discussed the importance of keeping hands clean with your children, and how to wash hands correctly (washing at least as long as it takes to hum “Happy Birthday”) and use hand sanitizer when washing isn’t possible? *
Have you discussed the importance of keeping hands away from the face and practiced the behavior in order to prevent possibly catching a virus? *
We will be offering lunch from the cafeteria. We will have to “distance” while eating. Some of our younger students may eat in their classrooms to help them maintain a safe distance from each other and provide space for older students in the commons. Meals will be brought down and distributed to the classrooms for them. Do you intend for your children to eat the school lunch, always pack your child’s lunch, or use both options? *
We are developing a safe manner to continue music, choir and band classes, physical education classes, art classes, drama and athletic activities as permitted. Do you have any concerns about your children participating in these activities?
Medical research has indicated that air quality above all other factors in the spread of COVID19 is the main concern when trying to prevent the spread of the virus. The aerosol droplets are not likely to be as contagious in a closed setting like school when students and staff wear a multi-layered face covering (mask) or face shield (not quite as effective but good for those who have conditions related to breathing). Please answer the following questions related to maintaining safety in the building and preventing spread of viruses concerning face coverings.
If the school can obtain and provide effectively rated masks/shields at a reasonable price, would you prefer us to obtain them for you, or would you prefer to find your own? *
In order to keep other students, the staff and families/community members safe through our efforts to prevent the spread of viruses, and to avoid having to shut down school and resume remote learning, will you support the school by teaching/instructing your child to wear a mask or shield in school related activities (when it is necessary) as we have defined in this survey? *
Will you make time for, and participate in a virtual parent-teacher conference by phone or other device since we can’t have them in person this year? *
The school calendar will remain in the same date range as it was when the Board first adopted it. However, we will stagger start in order to provide more teacher training and preparation, opportunities for students to receive evaluations for learning levels, student orientation sessions as well as give the younger students closure for last year’s classes and some training to help them not be fearful about attending school. The elementary, middle and high schools will give you ample time to prepare for the staggered start schedule. The week of the Ross County Fair is still clear. All students would be attending regularly after Labor Day. Is there anything you would be interested in seeing us provide the students in the way of preparation for this school year which we have not mentioned?
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