Brainhack ATL Pitch-A-Project Submission
Interested in working on a project other than Project Tracks 1 & 2? Join the Pitch-A-Project track! This track allows you to pitch your own projects to work on during Brainhack ATL 2019. (To learn more about Project Tracks, visit the 'Projects' tab at

Pitch-A-Project Abstracts can either be other computational neuroscience projects that fit with Brainhack's ATL overall goals, or non-computational projects that contribute to the field of neuroimaging.

Projects can be submitted to the form in two ways:
1) Projects can be submitted as an established group of people that are interested in working on the project (Only one Pitch-A-Project Abstract Submission per group is required).
2) Projects can also be submitted by individual people who are interested in starting a project, acting as the Project Lead and recruiting other Brainhack ATL attendees to join at the hackathon in November. Attendees can also be recruited to projects via the Brainhack ATL Slack workspace, which will be accessible to all accepted Brainhack ATL attendees.

Early submissions are welcome, especially if submitted projects would need time to set up datasets and tools for the project idea. Early submissions will also have the opportunity to present the project to the Brainhack ATL Slack community to recruit members for their ideas, once the submitter has been accepted into Brainhack ATL.

NOTE: Please make sure to apply to Brainhack ATL 2019 first, before you submit a Pitch-a-Project Abstract Submission. You must first apply to the hackathon via the ‘Apply’ tab on the Brainhack ATL website before you submit a project idea.

Questions? Contact Amrit Kashyap at
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