Quest Festival 2017 Volunteer and Supervisor Submissions
Volunteering is a fantastic way to experience Quest festival and see behind the scenes what makes Quest such a unique community event.

We welcome submissions from all volunteers interested in getting involved in Quest. No experience is necessary, just a willingness to get involved and share the Quest adventure.

Minimum requirements:
You must be:
* over 18
* available from 10-12 November (operations crew).
* available to work up to 8 hour shifts on each day.
* Set up crews must be available for rostered work in the week before the festival (by arrangement), as well as post festival.
* able to speak English or Vietnamese. Preference will be given to people that can speak both.
* available to attend pre-festival training days
* a positive and inclusive team member who enjoys working with others and sharing new experiences.
**IMPORTANT** You must purchase a ticket for the festival (and Quest bus tickets if applicable). These will be refunded after completion of your volunteer duties.

As a volunteers you will receive:
* A refund on your festival entry ticket (upon completion of duties)
* A refund on your Quest bus tickets if applicable (upon completion of duties)
* Free accommodation in shared tent or longhouse (bedding not provided).
* Free basic meals
* Free festival staff t-shirt
* The chance to get involved in Vietnam's first and most magical camping music festival, a truly grass roots festival built slowly, from the ground up with amazing people from around the world.

A limited number of supervisor roles exist for experienced festival crew and managers. Pleases indicate your interest and experience if applicable.

Note that whilst we aim to place you in a role where you have specified an interest, this is not always possible.

Submissions close Thursday, August 31st 17:00

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5: What languages can you speak? (Note: entering "The language of love", whilst appreciated, doesn't count)
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8: How many Quest Festivals have you attended? *
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Thank you for applying to Quest Festival - Successful applicants will be contacted shortly
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