Justice For Karima Baloch Collective's Statement For Endorsement

December 24, 2020

We, a collective of activists, journalists, academics, intellectuals and concerned citizens of the world express our grave concern over the mysterious death of exiled Baloch activist Karima Baloch in Toronto, Canada who went missing last Sunday on 20th of December and was located dead on 21st December in a lake in the city.

Karima Baloch was a well-known human rights and political activist who took refuge in Canada after fleeing Pakistan in 2015 due to serious threats to her life in Balochistan, owing to her political resistance against militarization, enforced disappearances and extrajudicial killing in her homeland.

Karima Baloch was the first-ever woman President of the Baloch Students Organization (BSO-Azad), one of the largest student bodies in Balochistan. Karima Baloch was also a member of Baloch National Movement. She was named as one of the world's 100 most inspirational and influential women in 2016 by the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) for her courage and bravery. Karima Baloch through her political activism had been an inspiration for the Baloch young women. She changed the face of Baloch struggle for human rights opening new doors of political leadership for young Baloch women.

After moving out of the country for her safety to Canada, she continued raising her voice against the serious human rights violations in Balochistan, including (enforced) disappearances of people, arbitrary arrests, torture and extrajudicial killings. Karima Baloch was a strong critic of the “Kill and Dump” policy of Pakistani state authorities in Balochistan. In exile, she continued to receive threats for her activism from Pakistan security agencies, proof of which is available with her husband and other family members. Then her uncle was taken away in Pakistan, and her mother was told that he will be only released if she stopped her activism. When she refused to do so, her family received the mutilated body of her uncle. Previously, other members of Karima Baloch's family have been abducted and killed too – including her parent's siblings.

Karima's mysterious death is also alarming because it is not the first this year. Earlier in May 2020, Sajid Hussain, a journalist who wrote about human rights violations in Balochistan, was found dead in a river in Sweden, after disappearing for two months. Like Karima, he had also sought asylum after threats to his life in Pakistan.

Unfortunately, in both cases the police have been not very forthcoming with details and have called them either accidental deaths or suicide, although there are ample reasons to consider otherwise.

The husband of Karima Baloch, Hammal Haider, a Pakistani activist living in exile, has also emphasized this in an interview to The Guardian saying “We can’t rule out foul play as she had been under threat even in Canada.” Karima herself had mentioned how Pakistan Army linked people were being allowed to settle in Canada, who may harm her and other Baloch activists.

Soon after the news of death of Karima Baloch, troll armies of Pakistani security agencies started character assassination of Karima Baloch, and even celebrated the death of Karima Baloch as their success and threatened other Pakistani exiled activists saying they are next.

Another telling incident was when verified social media accounts in a public Twitter conversation with a Pakistan Army serving general, General Asif Ghafoor hinted at forming a Pakistani version of “Bozkurtlar”, a Turkish assassin group that kills dissidents at home and abroad.

Also, General Pervez Musharraf, former Pakistani dictator gave a television interview a few years ago, where he spoke about killing Pakistani dissidents abroad. Chaudhry Nisar, Pakistan's former interior minister has also revealed in an interview that the same general was contemplating the assassination of Altaf Husain, a prominent Pakistani political leader living in exile in London.

We urge that Canadian authorities consider the context in which all this is happening and it cannot be ignored. The pattern of Pakistani activists especially the Baloch being abducted, killed, and dumped in mysterious conditions in Pakistan and abroad has raised fears among the Pakistani exiled community, of not just the involvement of Pakistani security agencies, but also other hostile agencies around the world – especially China, that is deeply involved in Balochistan, and the two mysterious deaths this year are of people of Baloch origin.

All this needs your urgent attention also because Karima and Sajid met an unfortunate end but other exiled Pakistani dissidents continue to live in immense risk. And many of these exiled activists continue to face threats from the Pakistani security agencies directly and indirectly. Their family members back home continue to receive threats on their behalf, and are also persecuted.

We will also like to bring to your attention other incidents of harm against Pakistanis in exile. A Pakistani activist Waqas Goraya was attacked in Netherlands outside his home. Exiled Pakistani Journalist Taha Siddiqui in France, exiled Pakistani activist Gulalai Ismail in New York and many Baloch, Pashtun and Sindhi exiled activists in European Countries have continued to receive intelligence assessments about dangers to their lives and have faced surveillance from people believed to be belonging to Pakistani diplomatic missions abroad.

Finally, all this should also be looked in a global context. In recent years, we have seen an increase in threats and attacks on the exiled activists around the world. Jamal Khashoggi, a critic of Saudi Arab was killed in the Saudi Consulate in Istanbul on Oct 2nd, 2018. Russia has a history of killing its dissidents on foreign soil. China is also involved in going after its dissidents abroad. Since 1979, the senior leadership of Iran has been linked to at least 162 extrajudicial killings of the regime’s political opponents in 19 different countries around the world.

Therefore we the “Justice for Karima Baloch Collective” demand the police to initiate a high level and thorough investigation into the mysterious death of Karima Baloch taking in consideration all of the above, especially the threats she and her family had been receiving from Pakistani authorities. We also request Canada and other countries around the world to take measures for safeguarding the lives of other exiled Pakistani and global activists seeking safety outside their homelands. We believe that it is the responsibility of international community to protect exiled activists and dissidents in their respective countries including Canada. No country should be given impunity to run covert assassination operations against dissidents on foreign soil.

Contact: justice4karimabalochcollective@gmail.com

Signed by:

1. Mahganj Baloch, Sister Of Banuk Karima Baloch, Pakistan
2. Akhtar Mengal, Chairman BNP (Baloch National Party), Member National Assembly, Pakistan, Ex-Chief Minister of Balochistan, Pakistan
3. Afrasiab Khattak , Human Rights Commission Of Pakistan ( HRCP), Pakistan
4. Manzoor Ahmad Pashteen , Pashtun Tahafuz(Protection) Movement , Peshawar
5. Mohsin Dawar, PTM Leader And Pakistani Parliamentarian
6. Mir Kalam Khan Wazir MPA Pashtun Tahafuz Moment Pakistan
7. Hina Jilani , Human Rights Commission Of Pakistan, Pakistan
8. Farhatullah Babar Former Senator/ Council Member Human Rights Commission Of Pakistan
9. Bushra Gohar, Former Parliamentarian
10. Farahnaz Ispahani, Former Member of the Parliament Pakistan, Washington DC.
11. Husain Haqqani, Former Pakistani Ambassador To US Washington DC.
12. Kamran Shafi, Former Ambassador, United Kingdom
13. Johar Lateef Baloch, Colleague of Karima Baloch and Deputy Coordinator of Human Rights Council of Balochistan, Canada
14. Dr Ayesha Siddiqa, SOAS, London Pakistan
15. Rubina Saigol, Women Action Forum (WAF), Pakistan
16. Anita Pinjani , Women Action Forum (WAF- Karachi SGA Karachi, Pakistan
17. Anis Haroon Women Action Forum Pakistan
18. Ismat Raza Shahjahan, Women Democratic Front, Pakistan
19. Nighat Said Khan, ASR Resource Centre Lahore Pakistan
20. Farzana Bari, Human Righs Activist, Pakistan
21. Marvi Sirmed Human Rights Activist Pakistan
22. Mahnaz Rahman, Women's Action Forum , Pakistan
23. Beena Sarwar, Journalist, Boston
24. Iqbal Khattak, Freedom Network, Pakistan
25. Zeen Gul, Baloch Women Forum, Pakistan
26. Maliha Zia, Legal Aid Society, Pakistan
27. Ammar Ali Jan, Haqooq-E-Khalq Movement, Pakistan
28. Habibullah Kakar, Awami National Party, Pakistan
29. Farman Ali, Awami Workers Party, Pakistan
30. Hafeez Baloch, Awami Worker Party Karachi, Pakistan
31. Aqil Shah, Academic United States
32. Mahvish Ahmad, London School Of Economics And Political Science, United Kingdom
33. Waheed Baloch, Former Speaker Of Provincial Assembly Of Balochistan, Former Chairman Of Baloch Students Organization, United States
34. Gul Bukhari, Journalist, United Kingdom
35. Abdullah Nangyal, PTM Pakistan
36. Arshad Mahmood , Ex-Journalist Daily Jang, Canada
37. Taha Siddiqui, Journalist, South Asia Press, France.
38. Ahmad Noorani Fact Focus United States
39. Abdullah Wahid, Baloch National Party (Mengal), Gwadar
40. Samiullah Baloch, Ex General Manager PTV Karachi , PAKISTAN
41. Balaj , Geo News, Pakistan
42. Jalila Haider BALOCHISTAN BAR COUNCIL Pakistan
43. Raza Mahmood Khan, Aaghaz E Dosti, Sweden
44. Atiqa Shahid, Gothenburg University, Sweden
45. Keyya Baloch, Baloch National Movement (BNM), Netherlands
46. Kiran Nazish, Journalist And Professor, USA
47. Usama Khilji, Activist Pakistan
48. Saadia Toor, College Of Staten Island, USA
49. Gulalai Ismail, Human Rights Activist, Aware Girls
50. Aasim Saeed, Human Rights & Social Media Activist, United Kingdom
51. Rabia Mehmood Researcher, Journalist Pakistan
52. Nazrana Ghaffar Voice Of America United States
53. Annie Zaman , Global Voices , Myanmar
54. Mahrang Baloch, Baloch Student Action Committee, Pakistan
55. Ousmane Diadie Touré, United Nations, Mali
56. Prof. Naela Quadri Baloch , Baloch People's Congress , Canada
57. Fahem Abed, The New York Times, Afghanistan
58. Mahkan Baloch, Trios College , Canada
59. Zafar, Baloch Walfare Society , Pakistan
60. Zohra Yusuf, Pakistan
61. Jaffer Mirza, Researcher, UK
62. Qaisar Javed, Progressive Students’ Collective, Pakistan
63. Malik Siraj Akbar Editor, The Baluch Hal United States
64. Ossama Baloch, President Baloch Student Organisation, Lasbela Zone, Pakistan
65. Munawar Laghari, Human Rights Activist, USA
66. Roshaan Khattak Activist/ Independent London
67. Fawad Hasan, Pakistan Trade Union Federation, Soch Videos, Pakistan
68. Ceren Isit The Coalition For Women In Journalism, Europe
69. Saghir Shaikh, World Sindhi Congress, Inc., USA
70. Saba Ismail, Aware Girls, USA
71. Aijaz H. Turk, Forum SAATH, USA
72. Shahzad Irfan , Association For Human Development , Mexico
73. Mohammad S Adil, Niazamana Online, USA
74. Naseer Dashti , Baloch Human Right Council , United Kingdom
75. Tahira Abdullah, Pakistan
76. Prof Paras K Pokharel MD,MD. BP Koirala Institute Of Health Sciences, Nepal
77. Abdul Wajid Baloch Baloch ,Social Media Activist, Writer On TBP, Germany
78. Dil Jan, Student, Pakistan
79. Ajwah Nadeem, Kinnaird College For Women, Pakistan
80. Bakhtiar Baloch Baloch National Movement Germany
81. Mirza Maqsood Ahmed, National Party, Pakistan
82. Sharan Bashir, Ned University Of Engineering And Technology, Pakistan
83. Dr Atif Javaid, University Of Engineering And Technology (UET), Pakistan
84. Dr Hyder Lashari, G.M.Sayed Studies Board, Sindh
85. Aparna Sundar, University Of Toronto, Canada
86. Francesca Marino, Journalist , Italia
87. Naghma Shaikh, Democratic Youth Front, Pakistan (Karachi)
88. Ramish Fatima, Freelance , Pakistan
89. Noor Khan Achakzai, Balochistan Bar Association , Pakistan
90. Holger Bergmann, Germany
91. Badal Khan , University Of Naples , Italy
92. Yousuf Musti Khan, Awami Workers Party, Pakistan
93. Asim Yousafzai, University Of Maryland , US
94. Salah Mohamed , Freelancer , Oman
95. Rozaan Baloch, Baloch Peoples Congress, Pakistan
96. Raja Dahar Hyder Joyo, World Sindhi Congress , USA
97. Lakhu Luhana , World Sindhi Congress, United Kingdom
98. Saleh Al Balushi , Educationist , Oman
99. Alamzaib Mahsud, Pashtun Tahafuz Movement, Pakistan
100. Asif Panhwar, World Sindhi Congress , Canada
101. Hajan Kalhoro, World Sindhi Congress, Canada
102. Fattah Baloch, Canada
103. Affaf Azhar , Human Rights Activist , Canada
104. Ghulam Memon, Indus C , United States
105. Malik Faisal , Kalmat Zone, Iran
106. Syed Musharaf Shah, Independent Filmmaker , New York
107. Naeem Ullah Khan, Thailand
108. Supriti Dhar, Women Chapter, Sweden
109. Noor Khaskhely, WCT, USA
110. Bushra Khan, Pashtun Council Canada, Canada
111. Nasir Murad Murad, Baloch Student Organisation, UAE
112. Fayaz Panhwer, Sindhi Sangat Of Saskatoon, Canada
113. Jan Baloch, World Baloch Organisation , Balochistan
114. Iqbal Khan , Pastun Tahafuz Movement, Pakistan
115. Noor, Canada
116. Nabi Baloch, United States
117. Chris Ozark, United States Of America
118. De Çağrı Özköse, Mezopotamya Ajansı, Türkiye
119. Qamber Baloch, Baloch National Movement (BNM), Germany
120. Mohim Sarkhosh, BNSP, Sweden
121. Dadsha Baloch, Justice For Karima Mehrab, Canadian
122. Shahab Dad, Student, Pakistan, Balochistan
123. Imran Hakeem , Baloch National Movement, Netherlands
124. Fida Baloch, Humanity , Pakistan
125. Salma Jafar, Freelance, Pakistan
126. Kimberly Lenz, Educator & Human Rights Activist , Canada
127. Syed Imran Abbas, Self, Canada
128. Ahmed Baloch , Bahrain
129. Meena Gabeena Khan, Meenay Laas, Pakistan
130. Majeed Baloch, Doctor , Canada
131. Jamil Maqsood, United Kashmir People’s National Party (UKPNP), Belgium
132. Waseem Baloch, Baloch National Movement
133. Pinaki Bhattacharya, IAE Paris Sorbonne Business School, France
134. Yasir Jameel, Student, Pakistan
135. Farid Baloch, Baloch National Movement, Germany
136. Salar Baloch, Balochistan Liberation Movement, Balochistan
137. Hidayat Bhutto, World Sindhi Congress, United Kingdom
138. Sohail Ahmed, Student Pakistan
139. Waqas Riaz, Korea
140. Haroon Rashid, Pakistan
141. Obaidullah Obaid, Pashtun Rights Activist,United States
142. Muhammad Rahim Mehranpoto, Social Activist, Pakistan
143. Muhammad Nawaz
144. Abrar Khan Baloch, Pakistan
145. Arman Amany, UK
146. Afzal, Student Pakistan
147. Usman Malik, Concerned Citizen Of The World Pakistan
148. Nasrullah Tolwak, University Lecturer, Afghanistan
149. Sudipto Chatterjee Rajshahi, University Bangladesh
150. HUNG-HAO YU, Brandon University , Taiwan
151. Tim Smith, Photojournalist, Canada
152. Ekramul Kabir, Catholic Relief Services, Bangladesh
153. Amjad Gardezi , United Kashmir Peoples National Party(UKPNP), Pakistan
155. Sam Baloch, Oman
156. Najeeb Khan, PTM-USA And Pashtun Council America , USA
157. Siraj Moomand, Pashtun Council Canada, Canada
158. Nasser Mengal, Lawyer Pakistan
159. Saeed, Pakistan
160. Samir Al Zadjali Health, Safety And Environment Specialist Oman
161. Shah Nawaz Buzdar Baloch, Raaj Rarasham (Zone), Pakistan
162. Mohammad Kadkhodaie, BPP, Denmark
163. Sultan, Bangladesh
164. Golam Masum, Innovation, Bangladesh
165. A Z M H Sarwar, S R Shipping Limited, Bangladesh
166. Sardar Nasir Aziz Khan, UKPNP, Switzerland
167. Sohel Rana, Bangladesh
168. Nurul Quader, European Union, Bangladesh
169. Arshad, CSO Pakistan, Pakistan
170. Naeem Hasan, AB Party, Bangladesh
171. Hasibul Mallick Student, FTBE Jadavpur University India
172. Man Ganok, BALOCH STUDENT ORGANISATION Azad, United Arab Emirates
173. Sameer Azim, Pakistan
174. Jawad Ahadi, Pakistan
175. Qasim Shafique National Textile University, Faisalabad. Pakistan
176. Sardar Shaukat Ali Kashmiri, United Kashmir People’s National Party (UKPNP), Switzerland
177. Imtiaz Ahmed, Pakistan
178. Waseem Altaf, Pakistan
179. Irfan Brohi, Canada
180. Dee Kay, Afghanistan
181. Sanjay, India
182. Sinan Khalid, Waheed, Pakistan
183. Habegger Abdul, Swiss Kashmir Human Rights, Switzerland
184. Roghieh Jangizi , Canada
185. Shoaib Sanjrani, Student Pakistan
186. Zohra Shahin, Oman
187. Md. Asifur Rahman, Student, Bangladesh
188. Dilara Akther, Bangladesh
189. Nasrat, Social Worker, Pakistan
190. Abdullah Al Sakib, Bangladesh
191. Robi-Os-Sunny, BGMEA University Of Fashion And Technology , Bangladesh
192. Zahoor Hussain, Pakistan
193. Junaid Qureshi, European Foundation For South Asian Studies, Netherlands
194. Hakeem Baloch, Baloch National Movement, UK
195. Usman Baloch, Baloch Student Organisation, Balochistan
196. Irfan Sattar, Author Urdu Language, Canada
197. Waleed Ahmed, Mandi, Netherlands
198. Purmada, Baloch
199. Waleed Ahmed, Netherlands
200. Dr. Monika Hauser, Medica Mondiale E.V., Germany
201. Afzal Saroya Pakistan
202. Yoana Barakova, , European Foundation For South Asian Studies, Netherlands
203. Sunny, Bangladesh
204. Zaman Tokhai, Pashtunkhwa Students Organisation, Pakistan
205. Ussama Baloch, Baloch Student Organisation, Pakistan
206. Rahim Jan Baloch, Doctor, Pakistan
207. Maryam Kanwer, Human Rights Activist, United Kingdom
208. Shams Baloch, Pakistan
209. Jamil Khan, Glare Enterprise, Pakistan
210. Aurangzaib, Student, Pakistan
211. Abdullah Baloch, Oman
212. Dr. Muhammad Aamir, Pharmacist, Pakistan
213. Muhammad Jameel, Student, Pakistan
214. Faria Nasrullah, Housewife, Pakistan
215. Senge H. Sering, Gilgit Baltistan Institute, USA
216. Ajwah Nadeem, Kinnaird College For Women, Pakistan
217. Rehmat Ullah Nasar, Human Right Activist, Balochistan (Pakistan)
218. Hajra Baloch, Punjab University, Pakistan
219. Khadim, UAE
220. Abdul Latif, Civil Society Pakistan
221. Mohsen Baloch, Baloch National Movement, Germany
222. Teresa Domínguez, Le Traes Carlata, Spain
223. Chedag Baloch, Human Rights Activist, Balochistan
224. Maqsood Ahmed, Student, Balochistan
225. Talal, Student, Pakistan
226. Ajwah Nadeem, Kinnaird College For Women Pakistan
227. Maqsood Ahmed, Student, Balochistan
228. Shah Aawaz Wadhela, Baloch, Pakistan
229. Abuzar Watan, Pashtun Tahafuz Movement, Malaysia
230. Naveed, Pakistan
231. Maqbool Baloch, Student, Pakistan
232. Shahabudeen, Pakistan
233. Ali Kashmiri, Pakistan
234. Binay Pathak, United Kingdom
235. Jamul Baloch, Freelancer, Kuwait
236. Samad Baloch, Baloch Human Rights Council, United Kingdom
237. Wahag Baloch, Student, Pakistan
238. MJ Baloch, BALOCH STUDENT ORGANISATION (PAJJAR) Baloch Student Organization, Pakistan
239. Dr Naeem, Pakistan
240. Zahir Mengal , University Of Balochistan, Pakistan
241. Sardar Amjad Yousaf ,Ukpnp, Uk
242. Mussawir Shah, Advocate And Human Rights Activist, Pakistan
243. Azmatullah, Pakistan
244. Hakim Mengal, University Of Balochistan, Pakistan
245. Sami Baloch, University Of Balochistan, Balochistan
246. Shairyar Waheed, Baloch Students Organization, Pakistan
247. Wazeer Muhammad, Students, Pakistan
248. Nawaz Panhwer ,Sindhi Community Of Alberta, Canada
249. Asad Baloch, B L M, Bahrain
250. Uzair Ahmed, Islamabad Model Post Gradute College,Balochistan
251. Obaid Rahman, Canada
252. Udayan Damany, USA
253. Asad Baloch, Baloch Liberation Movement, Bahrain
254. Aabida Ali, Human Rights Defender, Pakistan
255. Dr Shafiq Ahmad, Health Department, Greece
256. Balaach Baloch, Baloch Student Organisation-Azad, Balochistan
257. Dadshah Hasil Qoumi, Quaid-I-Azam University, Pakistan
258. Nilofer Qazi, Independent Research Consultant, Pakistan
259. Dadshah Hasil Qoumi Quaid-I-Azam University Pakistan
260. Muhammed Baloch, Baloch Student Organization, Oman
261. Umer Nawaz Wazir, Pakistan
262. Shay Zaad, Baloch Students Organization, United Arab Emirates
263. Farhan Kaghzi , World Sindhi Congress, United States
264. Jai Parkash, Student, Pakistan
265. Waleed Al Zadjali, Balochistan Liberation Movement, Oman
266. Imran Baloch, Student, Balochistan
267. Zahid Mohammad Yousif, Bahrain
268. Zoya Baloch, University Of Balochistan Pakistan
269. Mir Mohammad Ali Talpur, Human Rights Activist, Pakistan
270. Tahira Jabeen, Civil Rights, United States
271. Mengal, Pakistan
272. Mansoormansay ,Student Uob Shaal, Balochistan
273. Saleem Baloc,H Baloch Students Action Committee, Pakistan
274. Zargul Baloch, Student, Pakistan
275. Arman Baloch, Baloch Student Organisation-Azad, Balochistan
276. Humaira, Student, Pakistan
277. Arman Baloch, Baloch Student Organisation-Azad, Balochistan
278. Sara Ali, Labourer, Balochistan
279. Md Ali Akbar , HRI, Bangladesh
280. Nodaan Baloch, Baloch Student Organisation-Azad, Balochistan
281. Assad, Baloch Balochistan
282. Essa Baloch, Baloch Student Action Committee, Pakistan
283. Salim A Aziz, United States
284. Anne Heckendorff, Netherlands
285. Siraj Muneer, Pakistan
286. Sabir Baloch , Baloch Student Organisation
287. Rajendra, US
288. Mohammad Khan, Baloch Students Organization Azad, Balochistan
289. Habib, Student Of Politics And IR, Quaid E Azam University Islamabad, Pakistan
290. Shakeel Ahmad, Human Rights Activist, Pakistan
291. Mahesh Vijay Desai, India
292. Harpreet Singh, Banker, Canada
293. Naeem Memon, Entrepreneur, Singapore
294. Zaheer Ahmed, Student National University Of Science And Technology, Pakistan
295. Abdul Khaliq, Student Pakistan
296. Naseer Ahmed, Balochistan University Balochistan, Pakistan
297. Ayuob Baloch United Arab Emirates
298. Baloch, Buitems, Quetta
299. Fiyyaz, Student Pakistan
300. Hille Hanso, Estonian Public Broadcast, Estonia
301. Zarina, Univeristy Of Balochistan Absar,Turbat Balochistan
302. Kamal Khan, Human Rights Activist, Germany
303. Ann Catherine Mccormack , Irish Orthopaedic Surgeon, Britain
304. Tahira Jabeen From Gilgitbaltistan, Civil Rights Activist, United States
305. Abdullah Abbas, Human Rights Council Of Balochistan, Germany
306. Behram Baloch, Student ,Pakistan
307. Nadil Naseem, University Of Balochistan, Pakistan
308. Mureed Baluch, Balochistan Times, Canada
309. Nadil Naseem, University Of Balochistan , Pakistan
310. Hatim Baloch, Baloch National Movement , Switzerland
311. Kohras Baloch, Pakistan
312. Nazir Noor, Baloch Student Organisation- Azad, Occupied Balochistan
313. Md.Atiqur Rahaman, University Of Rajshahi, Bangladesh
314. Sayed Sifat Bin Islam, Bangladesh Awami League, Bangladesh
315. Faiyyaz Rehman, Student, Pakistan
316. Jamal Khan, Student, Pakistan
317. Samandar, IVBMP, Sweden
318. Aamir Malik, Brother Of Banuk Karima Baloch, BALOCHISTAN
319. Qamar Alam, Student, Pakistan
320. Sadam Bahar, Pashtun Tahafuz Movement, Pakistan
321. Atiq Ur Rehman Baloch, Student UAE
322. Rizwan Baloch, Baloch National Movement
323. Balach Baloch , Student, Iran
324. ANIL KHARE, United States
325. Balach Khan, Lecturer, University Of Turbat, Balochistan, Pakistan
326. Zummrud Baloch, Pakistan
327. Erin Clare Brown, Journalist, Tunisia
328. Miran Baloch, UAE
329. Riaz Ahmed, University Of Balochistan, Pakistan
330. Tayyaba Haq, Szabist, Pakistan
331. Jawad Baloch, Independent Consultant, Canada
332. Francecisa Danielle, Social Activist,Italy
333. Ameen Ibrahim, Canada
334. Hamza Qadir, Humanist Pakistan
335. Ruhina Greenwood, World Sindhi Congress, United Kingdom
336. Shay Baloch, Human Rights Activist, Balochistan
337. Abdullah Dashti, Baloch BALOCH STUDENT ORGANISATION-Azad, Oman
338. Hina Mahgul , York University Canada
339. İbo Doski, Student, Kurdistan
340. Samad Baloch, Baloch Human Rights Council, United Kingdom
341. Younus Baloch, International Islamic University Islamabad, Pakistan
342. Qambar Baloch, Student, Balochistan
343. Siraj Baluch, Student Of Law At The University Of Punjab, Baluchistan
344. Mohasin Ahmmed, Bangladesh
345. Nabi Bakhsh Baloch, Baloch National Movement, USA
346. Mohammad Farooq, Pakistan
347. Raja T. Rashid, Canada
348. Farhad Baloch, Student Pakistani
349. Vasudev Thakkar Valor, Capital LLC, United States
350. Sahil, Baloch National Party (Mengal), Pakistan
351. Durri, Balochistan
352. Ahsan Tonmoy, Bangladesh
353. Maaz Khan, Student MS Artificial Intelligence, Pakistan
354. Abdulla Baloch, London Baloch Activist, UK
355. Akash Vajpai, India
356. Ruhina Greenwood , World Sindhi Congress , United Kingdom
357. Malik Saeed, Student, Balochistan
358. Ashfaq, Canada
359. Ajay Ror, York University, Canada
360. Qaisar Hameed, Engineer, USA
361. Nishat Awan, TU Delft, UK
362. Jumma Khan, United Kingdom
363. Mushtaq Rajpar, Sindhi Association Of North America Washington DC, United States
364. Nadra Khan, Canada
365. Balach Baloch, United Kingdom
366. Nazir Free Balochistan Movement, Balochistan
367. Syed Muhammad Nasir Jafari, Korea
368. Salaar Baloch, BSC, Lahore Pakistan
369. Ghulam MEMON, Indus Construction, United States
370. Salaar Baloch, BSC, Lahore Pakistan
371. Md Abu Bakar Siddique, Bangladesh
372. Mariam Rauf, Baloch Activist, USA
373. Jon Miles, United States Of America
374. Ahmed Hameed, UOB, Bahrain
375. Fatima Kamal, Individual, Pakistan
376. Ben Youssef Camara , Canada International Development Agency (CIDA), Canada
377. Ateeq Ur Rehman Baloch , Uot , Pakistan
378. Saif Baloch, Student, Balochistan
379. Aziz Baloch, Internaational Voice For Baloch Missing Persons (IVBMP), Canada
380. Tarek Fatah, Columnist, The Toronto Sun, Canada
381. Mudasser Khan Mudasser , Pashtuntahafuz Movements , Pakistan
382. Anu Dutta, Citi Living Solutions , United States
383. Tarek Fatah, Columnist, The Toronto Sun, Canada
384. Ghulam Rasool, Development Practitioner , United States
385. Hasanat Marwat, Pashtun Tahafuz Movement , Pakistan
386. Muhammad Saleem , Dream Educational System , Pakistan
387. Nveed Ahmad Bajwa, Founding Member Pakistan Real Estate Investment Forum Karachi Pakistan, United States
388. Haseena Baloch, Student, Balochistan
389. Shahzad, Pakistan, USA
390. Md Rakibul Islam, No , Bangladesh
391. Ovishek Sikder Oleen , Rajendrapur Cantonment Public College Student , Bangladesh
392. G. A. Pathan, Lawyer, Pakistan
393. Awaz Wahid, Oman
394. Sajida Khair, Balochistan University Student , Pakistan
395. Hamda Baloch, Student, Karachi Pakistan
396. Irfan Khan, PHD Software Engineering , Pakistan
397. Maqbool Ahmed, Human Rights Activist, Toronto Canada
398. Zahid Ali Musa Khan , Pakistan
399. Asma Baloch, Student , Pakistan
400. Muhammad Aslam, Student, Pakistan
401. Zahidul Islam, Yes, Bangladesh
402. Junaid, USA
403. Mehrvaan , BALOCH STUDENT ORGANISATION, Balochistan
404. Naser, Iran
405. Abdul Ghaffar Baloch, Baloch Students Organization, Pakistan
406. Ali Sarbazy, Baloch Activist , Iranian Balochistan
407. Mujahid Hussain, Public Universty, Pakistan
408. Muhammad Ijaz, JUI Pakistan
409. Abdullah Wahid, Student, Pakistan
410. Mahnoor Baloch, Pakistan
411. Aaqib Baloch, Al Zadjali Travel & Tours, Pakistan
412. Zohaib Fayyaz, Fridays For Future, Pakistan
413. Hasan Salehi, Engineer , Baloch Activist, Iran
414. Farzana Gul, Lahore, Pakistan
415. Farooque Azam Memon, D4U , Pakistan
416. Farooq Baloch, Srudent, Pakistan
417. Irfan Baloch, BSC, Khuzdar Balochistan
418. Moses John, ONAD, South Sudan
419. Moses John, ONAD, South Sudan
420. Shayhak Baloch, BSC Multan, Balochistan
421. Husna Isaac, UAE
422. Sharafat Ayoub, University Of The Punjab, Pakistan
423. Murtaza Zehri, Student , Balochistan
424. Cerise Sudry-Le Dû, Freelance Journalist, France
425. Muhammad Amir, Student, Pakistan
426. Fatima Mohammad , ., Bahrain
427. Sajid Sharif, Student Of Mathematics, BZU, Multan, Balochistan
428. Mansour, Not Organisation, Iran
429. Zahida Mirza, Student, Qatar
430. Al Shais , Aston, Germany
431. Salim Balouch, University, Iran
432. Tariq Baloch, Baloch Activist, Balochistan
433. Amjad Baloch, Human Rights Defender, Pakistan
434. Mobin Balochi, Activist, Iran
435. Mohamnad Saeed Karimi, Education Teacher, Iran Balochistan Saravan
436. Abdolah Sepahian , Iranian , Iran
437. Meerak Baloch, Student, Balochistan
438. Safia, Student, Pakistan
439. Irfan Ahmed, Student, Pakistan
440. عبدالباسط بلوچ, فعال مدنی, ایران بلوچستان
441. Siddique Nangyal, Student, Pakistan
442. Arefalishah Baloch, Iranian Poet And Writer, ایرانIran Persia
443. Yar Muhammad , Social Activist , Pakistan
444. Rashid Jehandideh , Counselor , Iran
445. Osman Bijarzahi, Azad, Sweden
446. Abdulmalik Baluch , From Nikshahr City In Baluchistan Of Iran , Turkey
447. Muhammad Tahir Buzdar, Engineer, Qatar
448. Abdolbaset Sepahian, Teacher, Baluch
449. Engr.A.R.Baloch, AWP Karachi , Pakistan
450. Abdulmalik Balouch , From Baluchistan Of Iran, Turkey
451. Engr.A.R.Baloch, Awp Karachi, Pakistsn
452. Zainab, Student, Balochistan
453. Adeel Hayat Baloch, Works In Bank, Pakistan
454. Nabi Bakhsh Balouchzahi, Teacher, Iran
455. Hessam, University Student, Iran
456. Mohammad Mollazahi, Teacher, Iran
457. Zakria Baloch, Student, Pakistan
458. Tasneef, Pakistan
459. Nasir Baloch, Student, Balochistan
460. Rehan Khan, Airline Industry, Saudi Arabia
461. Farhan Rehman, Pakistan
462. Mehar Baranzey, Student, Norway
463. Aftab Mahmood Malik, Retired From WAPDA , Pakistan
464. Nazeer Ahmed Baloch, Ilm Wha Aghai Social Welfare Organization, Pakistan
465. Sajaad Husein , Shins , South Korea
466. Ehtsham Ul Haq Minhas, Self, Pakistan
467. Nadeemsaleem, Baloch National Movement, Germany
468. Yusuf Baluch, Fridays For Future, Pakistan
469. Haleem Baloch, Student, Pakistan
470. Khalid Khan Khattak, Engineering Manager, Canada
471. Ghulam Raza Shahani, Shah Abdul Latif University, Khairpur, Sindh, Pakistan , Pakistan
472. Balach Jan, Baloch Republican Party, Balochistan
473. DR. Khalil Talpur, HSE, Ireland
474. Haleema Baloch , Justice For Karima Baloch , Pakistan
475. Ameer Baloch, Student, Dubai
476. Arzu Efeoglu, Freelancer/Producer , Turkey
477. Balach Jan, Balochistan
478. Wasim Ashfaq, Jinnah Estate, Pakistan
479. Atta Ullah Khan, Young Diplomat Pakistan. Spokesperson At YDP., Pakistan
480. Adham Damani, Tailor, Iran-Chabahar
481. Imtiaz Akram, Commoner, Pakistan
482. Fida Mengal, Law Student, Pakistan
483. Sana Khan, Ontoledgy Limited , Nederlands
484. Sana Khan, Ontoledgy Limited , Nederlands
485. Shumaila Marri, None., Pakistan.
486. Syed Amir Hussain, Rizwan Law Associates, Pakistan
487. Ayyoub Baloch, Social Worker, Iran
488. Syed Amir Hussain, Rizwan Law Associates, Pakistan
489. Nasir, Ptm, Pakistan
490. Yusuf Khan , Student, Pakistan
491. Amol Korgaonkar , Indian, India
492. Kashif Ali, None, France
493. Babrak Wazir, Teacher, Pakistan
494. Rizwan Ullah, PTM Supporter, Pakistan
495. Malik Zaheer Arshad , Lawyer, Pakistan
496. Nawaz, PTM, United States
497. Rizwan Ullah, PTM, Pakistan
498. Abid Baloch, University Of Karachi, Pakistan
499. Sabeel Sama , Cashier MCB, Balochistan
500. نورمحمد باران زهی , بلوچستان, ایران
501. Zubair Iqbal Baloch, Balochistan Education Serving Team, Balochistan
502. Rêhåñ Āmîr, Multinational (Confidential), Pakistan, UAE
503. Gidroshian Baloch گِدروشین بلوچ, Baloch Republican Party Activist , Spain
504. Falak Naaz Pashteen, PTM , France
505. Falak Naaz Pashteen, PTM , France
506. Abdullah Alrajul, Brown Camel Software Solutions, Pakistan
507. Muhammad Siddique, Government, Pakistan
508. Ali Abdullah, Bonum Pvt. Ltd., Pakistan
509. Archen Baloch, Free Lance Journalist, Balochistan
510. Archen Baloch, Free Lance Journalist, Balochistan
511. Archen Baloch, Free Lance Journalist, Balochistan
512. Jami, Azadfilm Co, Pakistan
513. Taj Baloch, HRCB, Sweden
514. Atta Ullah, Baloch Republican Party , Germany
515. Meer Farhad Jamali, Filmmaker , Pakistan
516. Tawarish Baloch , Free Balochistan Movement , Pakistan
517. Asif Ali, JUI, Pakistan
518. Yusuf Baluch, GDA PHSS Gwadar, Pakistan
519. Abdul Rehman, Student, Pakistan
520. Fahad Iqbal, PTM, Pakistan
521. Fahad Iqbal, PTM, Pakistan
522. Moosa Hassan, BALOCH STUDENT ORGANISATION Azad Ex-Member ( Baloch Refugee ), Germany
523. Dedagh Baloch, International Voice For Baloch Missing Person, Germany
524. Azhar Abbas, Student, Pakistan
525. Rizwan Amin , Inova Hospital, United States
526. Hakeem Shahbakhsh, Neday Islam Magazine, Iran
527. Faiza Dinar, BFN, Norway
528. Beebagar , Free Balochistan Movement , Germany
529. Aisha Muhammad , Nil, UAE
530. Asim Khan, Man, Pakistan
531. Izhar Ahmed, Unemplyeed, Germany
532. Junaid Khan, Free Press , France
533. Nabeel Farzand Ali, Youth, Pakistan
534. Waheed Islam, None , UK
535. Agnieszka Pikulicka-Wilczewska, Journalist, Uzbekistan
536. Noor Ahmed, Student, Pakistan
537. Muhammad Hasnain, PTM, Pakistan
538. Ahmed Mustafa Kanjoo, Seraiki National Party, Pakistan
539. Sameer Malipatil, Student, India
540. Sahila Baloch , Student, Balochistan
541. Miraj Din, No, Spain
542. Sahila Baloch , Student, Balochistan
543. Kambar Baloch , -, Balochistan
544. Koh E Suleman, Koh E Suleman, Balochistan
545. Kambar Baloch , Student , Balochistan
546. Kambar Baloch , Student , Balochistan
547. Abdullah Khan, MBBS Student At Loralai Medical College., Pakistan
548. Shumaila Marri, None., Pakistan.
549. Khuda Dad Qadir, BSC ISLAMABAD, Pakistan
550. Syeda Shah, Ucla, Usa
551. Abdullah Baloch , Student, Balochistan
552. Samina Dehani, Private, Sweden
553. Mehtab, Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front, United Kingdom
554. حاجی, Teacher , Iran
555. Mahmood Hussain, Private Biz, Pakstan
556. Baloch Abdullah , B.N.M Germany , Germany
557. Gol, Saravan, Iran
558. Aftab Alam, Who Kill Her In Your County 🇨🇦, Pakistan
559. Elizabeth Ruddick , Solicitor, London, England
560. Engr. Taj Baloch, Civil Society Network, Pakistan
561. Hamid Baloch, Student, Pakistan
562. Abdul Rehman, BNM, Germany
563. Maraj Khalid, Human Rights Activist, Pakistan
564. Zainab Baloch , Student , Bahrain
565. Asghar Ali, Balochistan National Movement BNM Germany Zone, Germany
566. Asghar Ali, Balochistan National Movement BNM Germany Zone, Germany
567. Zafar Habib, Researcher, Belgium
568. Fatima Khan, Student , Pakistan
569. Jawad Khan, Uop , Pakistan
570. Shafqat Majeed, Student, Pakistan
571. Aziz Baloch, BALOCH STUDENT ORGANISATION, Quetta Balochistan
572. Abila, Student, Pakistan
573. Shah Bakhsh, Student, Pakistan
574. Abila Kurd, Student, Pakistan
575. Noor, Student , Punjab, Pakistan
576. Shah Nawaz, TYM, Pakistan
577. Shah Nawaz, TYM, Pakistan
578. Shah Nawaz, TYM, Pakistan
579. Sameer Saleh, Student, Germany
580. Yousuf Jalal Shah, Independent, Pakistan
581. Kashif Khan, Superior , Pakistan
582. Muhammad Javed, I Don't Have It, Australia
583. Ahmad Bux, Sindh Human Rights Movement, Pakistan
584. Bashir Sepahi , Education , Iran
585. Meer Abdul , Student , Pakistan
586. Meer Abdul , Student , Pakistan
587. Meer Abdul , Student , Pakistan
588. Zohaib Baloch, Employee , Kuwait
589. Zohaib Baloch, Employee , Kuwait
590. Kamran Bahadorzahi, Social Security, Iran
591. Salman, ., UK
592. Naseem Abbas, Baloch National Movement - UK, UK
593. Àbu Waleed, Empolyee, Kuwait
594. Nasim Raie, Retired From National Mappingagency " Survey Of Pakistan ", Pakistan
595. Junaid Naseem, Social Activist, Pakistan
596. Khalil Baloch, Students, Pakistan
597. Ishtiaque Ahmed, Karachi, Sindh
598. EJAZ ALI, No Org, Canada
599. Shahid Hamid, Pass Fast Driving School Uk, United Kingdom 🇬🇧
600. Shabbir Baloch , Student, UAE
601. Muhammad Naeem, Non, Pakistan
602. Sulema Jahangir, Aghs Legal Aid Cell, United Kingdom
603. Zar Ali Khan Afridi , FATA Commission Of Human Rights , Exiled In Nederland
604. Hammal Baloch, Student, Karachi
605. Muhammad Asfand Yar, Pide, Pakistan
606. Maryam Zia Baloch, Lahore University Of Management Sciences, Pakistan
607. Zar Ali Khan Afridi , Chairman FATA Commission Of Human Rights , Exiled In The Netherlands
608. Adnan Wazir, Student, Pakistan
609. Peter Tatchell, Peter Tatchell Foundation , UK
610. Saleem Ansari , Saleem Ansari , Pakistan
611. Hazrat Ali, Student And Political Worker , Pakistan
612. Muhammad Ali Jami, Private Service, Qatar
613. Mishael Hyat Ayub , Yale-NUS College , Pakistan
614. Iqbal Uddin , Social Activist, USA
615. Suresh Singhal, Delete Hateful Text From So Called Holy Books, India
616. Muhammad Saqib , Nothing , Pakistan
617. Mansoor Baloch, Student, Pakistan
618. Muhammad Ishfaq, Doctor, Pakistan
619. Sana Ullah Baloch, UNDP, Pakistan
620. Rahat Austin , Mirror Pakistan , South Korea
621. Rahat Austin , Mirror Pakistan , South Korea
622. Mishael Hyat Ayub , Yale-NUS College , Pakistan
623. Maliha Zia, Legal Aid Society, Pakistan
624. Amna Piracha, Lawyer, Pakistan
625. Ahmed Faraz , Businessman , Pakistan
626. Qumar Shahzad Bajwa, Farmer, Pakistan
627. Ricky Yadav, Ivy Comptech Pvt LTD, India
628. Mahesh Bhardwaj, None, USA
629. Rahul, Student, India
630. Irfan Raza , Individual Human Rights Activist, Houston Texas, USA
631. Mengal, Li, Pakistan
632. Baloch Jenek, Student At Law, Balochistan
633. Venkat Kumar, United States
634. Meher Subra, United Kingdom
635. Muhammad Sajjad, Student, Pakistan
636. Ibtesam Mohammed Moosa, Student, Kuwait
637. Mohammad Sagheer, Murdered, Pakistan
638. Hamraz, Student, Balochistan
639. Ramesh Bhai, Independent , India
640. Vishma, Student, India
641. Niaz Baloch , Baloch National Movement Germany , Germany
642. Sarban Baloch, Student, Balochistan
643. Abhishek Rathor, ISBM, India
644. Saeidjehandideh, Teacher, From Balochetan Iran
646. Sajjad Ali Baloch , BNM , Germany
647. Abdul Sattar Jajja, Democrat, Pakistan
648. Anis Farooqui, Prime Time , Canada
649. Abid Jokhio, Non, Pakistan
650. Kanhai Ketan Doshi, Canada
651. Yatin Khairnar, India
652. Kamal Nayan Gangey , Doctor , India
653. Peter Stanley, Geologist, United Kingdom
654. Rafique Mengal , Baloch Human Rights Activist , Pakistan
655. Jamila Nasir, Human Rights Activist , Pakistan
656. Rihaan Mengal, Student, Pakistan
657. Rihaan Mengal, Student, Pakistan
658. Amarjeet Johal, Independent , USA
659. S. Khan, NHS, UK
660. Naimat Ullah, We Want Justice For Karima Balouch , Bahrain
661. Tahir Khan, Baloch Student Organisation, Pakistan
662. Faiz Mohammed Baluch, International Voice For Baloch Missing Persons, United Kingdom
663. Jitin Saigal, Individual, India
664. Shay Mureed , Free Balochistan Movement ( FBM ), UAE
665. Sardar Ahmed Sharjeel, Jammu Kashmir National Students Federation, Italy
666. Gorshaan Baloch, Member Of FBM, Oman
667. Varna Kalmati , Cfz University, Iran
668. Israr Baloch , Student , Pakistan
669. SD Mureed , Free Balochistan Movement ( FBM ), UAE
670. Saami Balooshi, Democrat, UAE
671. Peter Tatchell, Peter Tatchell Foundation , United Kingdom
672. Chiraag Shah, Student, Pakistan
673. Badaruddin Panhwer , BNT, Pakistan
674. Zia Ur Rehman, JKLF, United Arab Emirates
675. Mayank, Independent, India
676. Rayian Haider, How Is Hussain Ibn Ali , Gilgit Baltistan Pakistan
677. Krunal, Enfineer, Usa And Canada
678. Zamuran Baluch, Ex Member Of Baloch Student Organization Azad, Turbat, Balochistan
679. Qurban Panhwar , Sindhi Association Of North America Edmonton AB,, Canada
680. Musadiq Baloch, Balochistan National Movement , Balochistan
681. Naiz Bizañjo , BALOCH STUDENT ORGANISATION, Pakistan
682. Qamaruddin Lund, Zoe Ned Clinic, Canada
683. SUMERA JABEEN, None, Australia
684. Naiz Bizañjo , BALOCH STUDENT ORGANISATION, Pakistan
685. Waseem Zehri, Balochistan National Movement, Balochistan
686. Waseem Zehri, Balochistan National Movement, Balochistan
687. Adnan Baloch , Human Rights Council Of Balochistan , Germany
688. Sohail Shamsi, None, USA
689. Saanwal Jamali, BNM, Balochistan
690. Ali Baloch, HUMAN RIGHTS , Oman
691. Rafay Baloch, Balochistan National Party , Pakistan
692. Samadhan Salve, Delivery Pvt Ltd, India
693. Adnan, Student, Pakistan
694. Farhad Bab, Balochistan People Party, Germany
695. Rahim Bandoui, BPP, U. K.
696. Muhammad Faheem Afzal , Jummu Kashmir National Student Federation , Sweden
697. Maryam Mazarzai, Student, Pakistan
698. Amir Muhammad Baloch, Baloch Republican Party President South Korea, South Korea
699. Rahim Bandoui, Balochistan People's Party, U.K.
700. Mehry Borhanzahi, Human Rights Activist, United Kingdom
701. Daniel Pashteen, Humanity , Germany
702. JORRAK Baloch, B S O , Pakistan
703. Suhail Ahmed , Civil, Kuwait
704. Naveed Ahad , Law Student , Pakistan
705. Jalil Mobasheri , Norway
706. Wejdan Afrawi, Journalist , Alarabya
707. Harsh Vardhan Kaushik, Working For Social Security Organisation, India
708. Faramarz Bakhtiar, Diplom Politik Wissenschaft, Germany
710. Vipan Kumar , India
711. Kazi Reza, Student , Bangladesh
712. Mir Ghulam Hussain, Baloch Human Rights Council-UK, United Kingdom
713. Shehzad Ahmed, None, United Kingdom
714. JORRAK Baloch, B S O, Pakistan
715. Esfandiar Jawid , For Human Right , Iranian From Holand
716. Rajesh Sonalekar, Aloha Technology, India
717. Atta Ullah , Baloch Republican Party, Germany
718. Daneshgar , Mohamad, Dentist / Human Right Activist /Free Iran, United Kingdom
719. Mohammad Mohammad , Baloch Republican Party, Germany
720. Najeeb Abdul Majeed , Baloch Republican Party - Germany Zone, Germany
721. Muhammad Faizan Raheem , JKNSF, Italy
722. Aiman Sohail, Student Of International Human Rights Law, University Of Ontario, Canada , Canada
723. Mohammad Baloch, Baloch Republican Party, Germany
724. Shahla Sohail, Student Of Business Finance, University Of Ontario, Canada , Canada
725. Najeeb Abdul Majeed , Baloch Republican Party - Germany Zone, Germany
726. Elahi Bakhsh Nohzahi,
727. Salahzadeh, Dadgo, Iran
728. Aroosa, London
729. Waris Baloch, Balochistan
730. Karimbaksh Balouch, Teacher, Iran
731. Karimbaksh_Balouch, Teacher, Iran
732. Shahryar Niyazai, Canada
733. Jamileh Sarfarazi, UK
734. Naser, BPP, Sweden
735. Habibeh Mohammadi , United Kingdom
736. Ali, Justicefor Karima Baloch, Holland
737. Amir Baranzahi, Ph.D., Sinior Lecturer, Linkoping University, Sweden
738. Amir Dorazahi, Human Rights Activist , Canada
739. Matin Kordi, Balochestan, Balochestan
740. Ensafali Hedayat, Canada
741. He Seyed, UK
742. Maryam Zia Baloch, Lahore University Of Management Sciences, Pakistan
743. Gull Mohammad, Lawyer, Balochistan
744. Ebrahim Balouchi, BPP, Switzerland
745. Hammal Baloch, Student, Balochistan
746. Reza N Baoluch, UK
747. Tayyab Zain, Pakistan
748. Fariba Borhanzahi, Baloch , Sweden
749. Parviz.Afghani , Baloch , Sweden
750. Miran Raisi, Baloch Student Organisation, Iran
751. Naser Nabatzai , Balochistan Human Rights Group (BHRG), Sweden
752. Reza N Balouch, BPP, London
753. Zamuran Baloch , Balochistan
754. Adham Baluch , Baluchistan
755. Aminullah Sheikhanzai, Canada
756. Haibat Ali, , Belgique
757. Moslem Azizi , Media Activist, Germany
758. Muhammad Asif , Student, Pakistan
759. Baluch Baluchi, Sweden
760. Hanin , Rind, United Arab Emirates
761. Mansoor Ali Oma, Oman
762. Saeed Hooti, student , Balochstan
763. Ibrahim Soomro, Canada
764. Sherin Zaman Khan, Ireland
765. Hossein Borhanzahi, Artist , Sweden
766. Mansoor Baluch Baluchi , Businessman, U.A.E
767. Jalil Ziaratwal, Pasthtun Tahafuz Movement, Pakistan
768. Moslem Azizi, Social Media Activist, Germany, Germany
769. Mansoor Baluch , Business , U.A.E
770. Najia Brohi, Balouch Itifaq Rapita Party , U.K
771. Rasoul, Iran
772. Hossein Borhanzahi, Baloch Protest Singer, Sweden
773. Jahanzaib Baloch, Student, Pakistan
774. Farideh Baranzahi , Engineer, Sweden
775. Abdul Qadir, Activist, Pakistan
776. Shabir Ahmad, Germany
777. Shahzad Baoch, Sindh Madressatul Islam University, Karachi, Pakistan
778. Akbar Qasem, Ans Group An , Sweden
779. Sultana, United Kingdom
780. Haji Dad, Pakistan
781. Shah, CJS, USA
782. Sattar, Technology Engineer , Tehran Iran
783. Akbar Qasemzahi , BPP, Sweden
784. Sattar, Technology Engineer , Tehran Iran
785. Diba, Justice For Karima, Sweden
786. Salah Baloch, BPP , Sweden
787. Israr Ghani, Student, Malaysia
788. Zaheer Ahmed Mughal, ADEX Company, Saudi Arab
789. Jalil Balouchi, Iran
790. Sanah Qasem, United Kingdom
791. Zeenat Panhwet, Sindhi Association Of North America (SANA), Canada
792. Dr Murteza Sanjarani, University Of Sistan & Baluchestan, Iran
793. Behrooz Ghasemi, Inf, Uk
794. Kareem Pashteen, United Kingdom
795. Abdullah Khan, Student, Pakistan
796. Sher Ali, The City School , Pakistan
797. Zahra Haider, Writer, Canada
798. Abdullah Zahid, Journalism Student, Pakistan
799. Ashkaan Bandoui , Balochistan Human Rights Group (BHRG), United Kingdom
800. Dylayna Thomas, Student, Canada
801. Mohammad Qamar, Sweden
802. Nasrin Baloch,Sweden
803. Karan Kapoor, Student, Canda
804. Farooq Baloch, Student, Balochistan
805. Simin Sabri, Demokratik Unity Of Azerbaycan , Norge
806. Sophie-Jade Madine , Depaul Uk, U.K.
807. Muhammad Malik, Canadian/ Pakistani , Canada
808. Aslam Zainudini Baloch Sweden, Sweden
809. Meer Dost, Balochistan Medical College, Pakistan
810. Abdul Shakoor Mohammed , Humam Right Activist, Oman
811. Wasim Din Mohammad , Baloch Republican Party , Germany
812. Muhammad Yasir Khan, JKSLF, Pakistan Administrated Kashmir
813. Fawaz Baloch , Baloch Republican Party , Germany
814. Bashir Baloch , Baloch Voice Association , Germany
815. Hamzeh Barahouei, Azadi, Iran
816. Habib Ur Rehman, Journalist , Germany
817. Parviz Baranzahi , Sverige
818. Hamen Baranzahi Sarjou, Activist, Sweden
819. Yasir Bakhshi, Germany
820. Mahgonag Baloch, Student, Germany
821. Anam Zakaria , Author , Canada
822. Huzaif Aslam , Germany
823. Waseem Ahmed, Photo & Videographer Of Baloch Republican Party (Germany Chapter), Germany
824. Bebagr Balochi, Canada
825. Sevanna Reitter, Student , France
826. Sosun Nayemi, Student , United States Of America
827. Lydia Kurtz, USA
828. Galinacadams, Student, United States Of America
829. Yalda Jabarkhyl , Student, United States
830. Madina Wardak, Social Worker, United States
831. Narée Asherian, Usa
832. Aziz Baloch, Interntional Voice For Baloch Missing Persons - Canada , Canada
833. Tahmina Giasi, Biomedical Science Student At University Of Guelph , Canada
834. Cy Oloumi, Data Analyst, United States
835. Azmok Baloch, Studdent, Denmark
836. Christopher Wanis , Student, Usa
837. Jayashree Dutta, United States
838. Elizabeth Ohanyan , Loving Human , United States
839. Naveed Mullahzai, Baloch Student Organisation, Germany
840. Ibrahim Baloch, Balochistan
841. Nabeela, Canada
842. Nahzaneen M Yasin, Law Student , USA
843. Masoumi Riaz, BPP, German
844. Khosro Amiri, Solidarity For Liberty And Egalste In Iran, Germany
845. Masoumi Riaz, BPP, German
846. Rasheed, Canada
847. Omar Latif, Committee Of Progressive Pakistani-Canadians, Canada
848. Naveed Mullahzai , Baloch Student Organisation, Germany
849. Alya Ruiz, USA
850. Naveed Mullahzai , Baloch Student Organisationn, Germany
851. Melody Ramin, Behavior Therapist , United States
852. Arsalan Hoth, Baloch Association Au., Australia
853. Sarah Hamilton, Student At Depaul University , USA
854. Abdul Wajid Baloch, Social Media Activists, Ex Cc Member Of BALOCH STUDENT ORGANISATION, Writer, Germany
855. Abdul Qadir, JKNSF, Italy
856. Zahir Mengal, University of Balochistan, Pakistan
857. Shahd Alburgif, Australia
858. Dana Eldorr, United States
859. Ayesha Mahmood, Graduate Of Modern Languages , United Kingdom
860. Vishal Matre, Student, India
861. Rostam Mirlashari, Farhang, Sverige
862. Hafeez Jan, Baloch Republic Party Germany , Germany
863. Madina Halim, None, Usa
864. Ahmad Tamim Massoud, Student, Canada
865. Wahid Baloch, Baloch Student Organisation-A. Baloch Student Organization Azad , Norway
866. Affaf Azhar , Human Rights Activist , Canada
867. Nargiz Hashim, Student, Canada
868. Neelofar Siyam , Student , Canada
869. Sally Bromley, Sally Bromley Strength And Conditioning, Australia
870. Jaya Singh , Student, India
871. Pramod Kumar, HVC, India
872. Sarah Kadamzadeh, Student , United Kingdom
873. Sherin Nowrouz, Student , U.S.
874. Jamal Afzali, Student, United Kingdom
875. Osman Bijarzahi, Azad, Sweden
876. Emran Baloch, Azad Baloch, Sweden
877. Saad Kham, Student , Pakistan
878. Syed Amir Shah, Loyola University Chicago, United States
879. Amir Dorazahi, Human Rights Activist, Canada
880. Lamia, Humanitarian, UAE
881. Abdul Malik
882. Farishta Qadirian , York University, Canada
883. Shay Mureed , Baloch Activist , London
884. Aamna Khalid, United States Of America
885. Baba G Mahsud, Human Rights Commission of Pakistan, Pakistan
886. Madina Noorzai, Student, Usa
887. Kiran, Individual, India
888. Shereen Ayub, Medical Communicator, Hong Kong
889. Soodaba Massoud, Student , Canada
890. Bahramzahi, Switzerland
891. Sadaf Abdul Kayum, Student, Canada
892. Hasan Mujtaba, Independent Journalsit,Writer, Poet And Human Rights Defender, USA
893. Sura Majeed , Student , Australian
894. Dylayna Thomas, Student , Canada
895. Kimia Mohyeddin, /, United States
896. Sandra Ayanami, Xyz Inc., Canada
897. Chakir Khan, Balochistan Government, Pakistan
898. Anna Jenderedjian , Women Rights Activist, United States
899. Shughla Ismail, Young Feminists Movement , Pakistan
900. Habibullah Sardarzahi , Baloch Unity Front , Uk 🇬🇧
901. Muhammad Azeem, Student , Pakistan
902. Ali Baloch , Engineer, Sweden
903. Habibullah Sardarzahi , Baloch Unity Front , Uk
904. Harsh Saha, India, India
905. Mansoor Raisi, Baloch From Norway, Norway
906. Ali Baloch , Engineer , Sweden
907. Zaitoon Kareem, University Of Karachi, Pakistan
908. Sai Ram B, News Tap Global, Founder & Editor , India
909. Trina Thomas , BISW, Canada
910. Dr. Bilquis Rehman , CPD: Council For Participatory Development , Pakistan
911. Rizu Ahmed, Bangladesh
912. Ali, Finance Professional, Washington D.C.
913. Shahi K Sadat, Pashtun Tahafuz Movement, USA
914. Abdul Jabbar Jabbar Khil, Fekri Badloon Social Organization , Afghanistan
915. Akram Jazi Al Balushi, Oman
916. Yahya Muhammad , Human Rights Activist , Pakistan
917. Arbab Hussainawami, Awami Committee , Kashmir
918. Marwah Hazrat, Student, United States
919. Taha Usmani, OCS Infotech, Oman
920. Mehran, Raisi, Balochistan
921. Comrade Sultan, Jammu Kashmir Peoples National Party (JKPNP), Pojk
922. Waseeullah, National Party Pakistan, Pakistan
923. Amir Baloch, Software Developer, Sverige
924. Bashir, Private , Oman
925. Muhammad Sadique Khan Mohmand, Pakistan
926. Atif Minhas, Kashmir
927. Altaf Baloch, Engineer , UAE
928. Elena Ayvazyan, Civil Society , Armenia
929. Anna Shabestari, Independent, United States
930. Abdulnaser Bahadorzahi Rigi , Balochistan,
931. Amin Mojarad, Student, United States
932. Riaz Baloch, Student, Balochistan
933. Alia, UFV, Canada
934. Sitanshu Sodhi,India
935. Pari, Australia
936. Sikiladho Rahimoon, Social Activist, Pakistan
937. Riaz Ahmed, Applied Chemistry , Karachi University, Pakistan
938. Rashida Baluchzai, Sverige
939. Ahmad Mollazai, Socialworker, Iran
940. Rakesh Nagdawane, Student, India
941. Alexandra Reynolds, Blogger, Belgium
942. Arne Johansson, Northern Järva Citizen Council, Sweden
943. Murad Jawadri, Midroc Electro , Sweden
944. Saleem Abu Morad, Baloch People's Congress, Sweden
945. Salma Lehri, Baloch People's Congress, Sweden
946. Muhammad Anwar, Pakistan
947. Reza Hosseinbor, Management Consultant Lodond, Uk, United Kingdom
948. Shoaib Alam Khan, Ptm, Pakistan
949. Ahmad Fraz, Red Ctess, Uk
950. Wasim Din Mohammad , Baloch Republican Party - Germany Zone , Germany
951. Hudama Baloch, Justiceforkarimabaloch, Canada
952. Jamila Baloch, Baloch Republican Party , Germany
953. Lal Muhammed, Baloch Republican Party Germany 🇩🇪 , Deutschland
954. Mohsen Bazargan, Iran
955. Nazdana Osmani, Germany
956. Shoaibsanjrani, Student, Pakistan
957. Purmada Baloch, Baloch Social Activist, Balochistan
958. Sahila Baloch , Student, Balochistan
959. Sahila Baloch , Balochistan
960. Ebrahim Baloch, Movement Bahrain, Bahrain
961. Kr Siapad, Shopkeeper, Pakistan
962. Niaz Murtaza, Inspiring Pakistan, Pakistan
963. Shay Mohammad Baloch, Balochistan
964. Jasim Muhammad Abdullah, Baloch National Movement, Netherlands
965. Beuragh Khan Baloch, Occupied Balochistan
966. Yaseen Khan, Computer Engineer, Pakistan
967. Tahir Gora, Canadian Thinkers Forum, Canada
968. Sorat Baloch, Baloch National Movement, Holland
969. Abdul Ghani Baloch, Baloch National Movement, Netherelands
970. Inzamam Ul Haq Dawar, Engineer, Pakistan
971. Abdulghafoor, Baloch National Movement, Nederland Flevoland
972. Raza Baloch, Baloch National Movement, Netherlands
973. Aurang Zeb Khan Zalmay, The Pashtun Times, Germany
974. Abdul Ghafoor, Baloch National Movement, Nederland Flevoland
975. Zaibul , Baloch National Movement, Nederland
976. Taj Baloch, Human Rights Baloch Council, Sweden
977. Zaibul , Baloch National Movement Nederland Flevoland
978. Saqib Karim, Human Rights Activist, Balochistan Liberation Movement , Balochistan
979. Saba Baloch , Student , Turbat
980. Saqib Karim, Huuman RIghts Activist, Balochistan
981. Abdul Ghani Baloch, Bnm, Nederlands
982. Ihtesham Afghan , Pukhtoon Tahafuz Movement , Pakistan
983. A.Hassan, Baloch National Movement, Punjgur
984. Saurabh Kumar , India, India
985. Fahim Khan , Advocate High Court Khyber Pakhtunkhwa , Pakistan
986. Reza N Balouch, BPP, U.K.
987. Fariba Borhanzahi, Baloch , Sweden
988. Awais Rahim, University Of Turbat Gwadar Campus, Pakistan
989. Azarov Sergei , Netherlands
990. Waleed Ahmed, Baloch National Movement (BNM), Nederland
991. Abdul Ghafoor , Baloch National Movement (BNM), Nederland
992. Zaibul, Baloch National Movement (Bnm), Nedarland
993. Hilal Najman Al Balushi , Private, Oman
994. Uzma Noorani, Human Rights Commission Of Pakistan (HRCP), Pakistan
995. Manzoor Ahmad, Yousafzai Travels, Pakistan
996. Shohaz Baloch,Canada
997. Mahir Balucci , Human Rights Council Of Balochistan
998. Shay Mohd Baloch , Baloch National Movement , Nederland
999. Raghvir Singh Sodha, Indus Valley Research Institute, India
1000. Mohammad Aslam Bordbar, Iran
1001. Mehrab Naseer , Mekran Medical College , Pakistan
1002. Shofiqul Islam, Zte Corporation, Bangladesh
1003. Abdul Ghafo, Baloch National Movement (BNM), Balochistan
1004. Zakria Shams, Student, Pakistan
1005. Muhammad Anwar Baloch, Bnm, Switzerland
1006. Kabeer Baloch, Baloch National Movement (BNM), Balochistan
1007. Masoumi Riaz, BPP, German
1008. Lal Muhammed, Baloch Republican Party Germany , Deutschland
1009. Jamal Muhammad, Göteborg Kommun, Sweden
1010. Karim Raisi, Kargar, Iran
1011. Shokat Ali, DGHS, Pakistan
1012. Shakoor Mehrab, Baloch National Movement (Bnm) , Iran
1013. Lamya, Student, Baloch Balochistan
1014. Jahangir Baloch, Student, Australia
1015. Salar Baloch , Balochistan Liberation Movement , Balochistan
1016. Maggie Mckinnie, Self Employed, United States
1017. Sattarhayat, BHRC, United Kingdom
1018. Jay Jana, Employee, Australia
1019. Eileen Murekian, Student, England
1020. Bahad Jameel Dashti, Balochistan National Party Mengal, Pakistan
1021. Sher Jan Baloch, Student, Balochistan
1022. Sumbal Naqi, None, Canada
1023. Najmi, Educator, Pakistan
1024. Sanam Baloch , N/A, London
1025. Sheymurid, Student, Pakistan
1026. Arka Chakrabarty, Lawyer, India
1027. Sarwan Rahu, Freelance Journalist, Pakistan
1028. Ali Nawaz , Baloch Educational Council Karachi , Pakistan
1029. Lamia, Humanitarian, United Arab Emirates
1030. Nida Rasheed, -, Pakistan
1031. Imtiaz Baloch, Teacher , Baluchistan Pakistan
1032. Kiya Baloch, Literature Student, Balochistan
1033. Jadain Dashti, District Bar Association Kech, Pakistan
1034. Arash Moradi, , Norway
1035. Mashal Baloch, Student, Pakistan
1036. Meraj Baloch, Balochistan
1037. Ahmed Baloch, Balochistan , Usa
1038. Morad Raisi, BAJ, Germany
1039. Kristina Keyzer , University Of Waterloo, Canada
1040. Jamshid Mobaraki , Baloch People Party, Norway
1041. Ahmed Baloch , Balochistan National Party , USA
1042. Nader, Canda,
1043. Sami Baloch, University of Balochistan, UAE
1044. Aleena Khan, Student, Usa
1045. Kawah Sarseifi, Irans, Nederland
1046. Bizhan Mirlashari , Bluch Komiteen Norge , Norway
1047. Kawah Sarseifi, Irans, Nederland
1048. Anush Baloyan, Student In Aua, Republic Of Armenia
1049. Asif Baloch , Voice For Poor And Needy , Pakistan
1050. Suleman Talpur, Justice For All Balochs, Pakistan
1051. Shahzad Afzal, Ukpnp, United Kingdom
1052. Asim Baloch, Student, Balochistan
1053. Farooq Ahmed, Student, Pakistan
1054. Jamil , Baloch National Movement , Germany
1055. Maryambaloch,Karachi
1056. Diete Touwen, Refugee Council Netherlands Mid West, Netherlands
1057. Balach Baloch, BSMA, Balochistan
1058. Ani Tankazyan, United States
1059. Kahkashan Haider, Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM), USA
1060. Shahab Bakhtiari, Uio, Norway
1061. Yasin Ali Albalushi, Working As Rig Manger , Oman
1062. Waleed Tahir, Baloch National Movement, Nederland Zone, Nederland
1063. Waleed Tahir, Baloch National Movement, Nederland Zone, Nederland
1064. Chakar Waleed, Baloch National Movement Nederland Zone, Nederland
1065. Hana, Student, USA
1066. Shari Waleed, Baloch National Movement Nederland Zonnederland, Nederland
1067. Akram Baloch, Teacher, Pakistan
1068. Ajaat Jamwal, President Jammu Kashmir Unity Foundation, India
1069. Binazir Haidari , Student , Canada
1070. Tariq Ali, Writer, Uk
1071. Amin Baloch, University Of Karachi , Pakistan
1072. S Baloch, Student, Iran
1073. Wali Baloch, Baloch Student Organisation, Balochistan
1074. Imdad Rehman, Representative Of Amensty International For South Asia, Pakistan
1075. Aisha Momand, Student, Canada
1076. Ahmed Baluch, Bhrc, Canada
1077. Nastuh Zalmai, Artist/Activist, United States
1078. Mrs Feza Bloch, ., United Kingdom
1079. Zakirullah Afridi, Social Activist, Pakistan
1080. Zakirullah Afridi , Human Rights Activist, Pakistan
1081. Shiehak Barakzahi , Shiehak Transport , Norge
1082. Teimor Barakzahi , Baloch Culture Norway , Norway
1083. Rahila Khan, Educator, Pakistan
1084. Ahmed Hameed Kulmeer, Hrcb, Canada
1085. Ahmed Hameed Kulmeer, Hrcb, Canada
1086. Wasim Din Mohammad, Baloch Republican Party Germany, Germany
1087. Sabir Baloch, Culture Sectry Baloch Students Council Islamabad, Balochistan
1088. Ashkaan Bandoui, Balochistan Human Rights Group (Bhrg), United Kingdom
1089. Sumail Aziz, Student, Pakistan
1090. Hasan Mujtaba, Independent Journalist, Writer, Poet And Human Rights Defender, Usa
1091. Elias Amini, None, Usa
1092. Tania Rashid, Freelance , Usa
1093. Muhammad Zareef, Numl University Islamabad, Islamabad
1094. Rais Baloch, Norway
1095. Ali Baloch, Balochistan
1096. Gazzain Baloch , Baloch Solidarity Committee , Pakistan
1097. Qamar Alam, Student , Pakistan
1098. Saanwal Jamali, Bnm, Balochistan
1099. Waseem, Student, Pakistan
1100. Sobia Kapadia, Middlesex University , United Kingdom
1101. Nezamoddin, Mollazaie, Iran
1102. Altaf, Mashkel Youth Volunteers , Pakistan
1103. Tania Rashid, Freelance , USA
1104. Razoo Baloch, Sarbaz City, Balochistan, Iran
1105. Elaha Darwish, Denmark
1106. Naseer Ahmad, PHD Schlor , Balochtan
1107. Ebrahim Danesh, Balochistan For Baloch , Balochistan
1108. Etka Akova, Social Worker, Germany
1109. Shabeer Baloch, Student, Balochistan
1110. Faiza Dinar, BFN , Norway
1111. Bushra Gul, Doctor, Pakistan
1112. Helya , Student, Canada
1113. Zaheer , Ahmed, Netherlands
1114. Mohammad Baloch , Engineering , Germeny
1115. Khuda Bukhsh Baloch, Shipping , United Kingdom
1116. Megan Joyce, Student, Usa
1117. Obaid Baloch, Human Right Activist, Balochistan
1118. Inessa Manuelyan , PHD Candidate, United States
1119. Olivia, Canada
1120. Tapti Sen, Student, Bangladesh
1121. Maya Shali, Student, USA
1122. Mir Hamid Baloch, Social Activist , Pakistan
1123. Auranzaib Sarwar, Student , Canada
1124. Sami Parvez, Freelance Journalist, Canada
1125. Mirwaise , Photographer, Pakistan
1126. Md.Hafijur Rahaman , Beximco , Bangladesh
1127. Salman Ali, Malaysia
1128. Noor Awan, Artist/Activist, Canada
1129. Mahkan Baloch, Trios College , Canada
1130. Maya Navabi, United States
1131. Abinash Singh, Student, Pakistan
1132. Lily Mojdehi, Jewish Family Services , USA
1133. Alexandra, Canada
1134. Salma Baloch, Student, Balochistan
1135. Khatir Ali, Student, Pakistan
1136. Shoaib Khan, Student, Pakistan
1137. Jangul Qadir, Student, Pakistan
1138. Mumtaz, Student, Pakistan
1139. Iqbal, Student , Pakistan
1140. Irfan Ul Haq, Jk Nsf, Pakistan
1141. Chiragh Baloch, Social Media & Political Activist , Frankfurt Germany
1142. Maheen Baluch, Fine Arts Student University Of Balochistan Quetta, Balochistan
1143. Mah Shiren Mengal, Medical Student Bolan Medical University Quetta, Pakistan
1144. Alfiya Latheef, Mahatma Gandhi University, Kerala, India
1145. Shyhaq, Social Worker , Balochistan
1146. Radesh Singh Tony, NCMR Pakistan, Pakistan
1147. Fida Baloch, Pakistan
1148. Faheem Ahmad, Researcher, United Kingdom
1149. Naseem Baloch, Bnm (Baloch National Movement , France
1150. Niaz Zehri, General Secretary, Baloch National Movement Uk Zone, United Kingdom
1151. Emma Vignale, Student, France
1152. Aslam, Social Activist, Pakistan
1153. Jiyand Baloch, UK
1154. Zainab Baloch, Social Worker, Pakistan
1155. Mir Bahadur Khan, Student In University Of Balochistan, Pakistan
1156. Irshad Ahmed, Student , Pakistan
1157. Irfan Channal, Student, Pakistan
1158. Abdul Manan, Student, Pakistan
1159. Khalil Baloch, Baloch National Movement (Bnm), United Kingdom
1160. Nilofar Atbein , Student , Australia
1161. Thranag Baloch, Student , Germany
1162. Khalid M. Chandio, None, Pakistan
1163. Hassan Dost, Baloch National Movement , United Kingdom
1164. Shahid Qazi, Individual , Balochistan
1165. Sajid, Students, Pakistan
1166. Hesam Baluch, Teacher, Iran
1167. Waleed Baloch, Student, Balochistan
1168. Qasum Baluch, Student Of English Literature At Numl , Balochistan
1169. Zoran Baloch, Social Worker, Pakistan
1170. Jameel Ahmed, Student, Pakistan
1171. Husna, Consultant , Pakistan
1172. Sangat Baloch, Individual , Balochistan
1173. Homayoon Mobaraki, Filmmaker , Sweden
1174. Basheer Baloch, Student, Balochistan
1175. Meer Dost, Bmc, Pakistan
1176. Ashfaq Baloch, Student, Pakistan
1177. Raheemjan Baloch , Human Right Activist, Balochistan
1178. Fatimabaloch, Balochistan Pakistan
1179. Humera , Student, Balochistan
1180. Kamran Surizehi, N/A, Norway
1181. Sumera, Student , Balochistan
1182. Haider Kb, Free Balochistan Movement , United Kingdom
1183. Ehsan, Balochistan, Balochistan
1184. Baloch Khan Dashti, Students , Oman
1185. Azum Saleh, Student , Pakistan
1186. Mohammad Aamir , Student Of Physical Therapy , Pakistan
1187. Kayla Coates, Server And Barista, United States
1188. Idayat M Hassani, Pakistan
1189. Ishtiaq , Student , Pakistan
1190. Inayat Shambezai, Balochistan
1191. Qamber Baloch, Student, Pakistan
1192. Qamar, Balach, Iran
1193. Shahin Borhanzehi, Newcastle University , England
1194. Sílvia Brenner Morandi, Associação Dos Trabalhadores Educação Municipalatempa, Brasil
1195. Kashif Ashraf, Baloch Solidarity Committee, Pakistan
1196. Abdul Waheed, Student, Pakistan
1197. Jamil Akbar Bugti, Pakistan
1198. Alexander Raiford, Navy, Scotland
1199. Kochai Lewanai, Paradise Group , Dubai United Arab Emirates
1200. Sharifullah , Progressive Students Collective , Pakistan
1201. Diljan Baloch , Bso-Azad , Nepal
1202. Niaz Baloch , Student, Balochistan
1203. Behzad Karimzadeh, Human Rights Activist And Member Of FBM, Germany
1204. Umer Nawaz Wazir, Pakistan
1205. Behzad Karimzadeh, Member Of FBM, Germany
1206. Andul Daneshvar, Lashari Baloch, Norway
1207. Bahman Karimzadeh, Assistant Professor Azad University, Saravan, Iran
1208. Farid Ali , Baloch National Movement (Deutschland), Deutschland
1209. Baset Karimzadeh, BSO, UK
1210. Bahman Karimzadeh , Assistant Professor, Azad University, Saravan, , Iran
1211. Andul G Daneshvar, Lashari Baloch, Norway
1212. Bahara Alizai, USA
1213. Balach Baloch, Gawadar Balochistan
1214. Hafeez Ullah, Pakistan
1215. داؤد بلوچ, بی این ایم, بخرن
1216. Dr Zulfiqar Ali, Dow Medical College, Karachi, Sindh
1217. Evelyn Monti , High School Student, Italy
1218. Hammadmalik, Journalists And Progressive Students Collective, Pakistan
1219. Chakar Ali Baloch, Baloch National Movement Uk, United Kingdom Uk
1220. Iman Baluch , Bso (Baluch Students Organisation) Azad , Oman
1221. Shahzavar Karimzsdi, University Of Hertfordshire, United Kingdom
1222. Nazie Mirlashri, Baloch, Oslo Norge
1223. Shreehari Lele, Aadm, India
1224. Abdul Samad Baloch, B,N,M, Party.Uk, Balochistan, United Kingdom
1225. Sumaira, Human Rights Activist, Balochistan
1226. Baloch Khan, Pakistan
1227. Amjad Ali , PTM, France
1228. Nazie Mirlashri, Baluch, Oslo Norge
1229. Aadit Shah, Deloitte , Canada
1230. Sarah Ahrens, Germany
1231. Ahmad Waqass Goraya, Netherlands
1232. Awaiz Baloch, Baloch Student, Pakistan
1233. Tariq Baluch, United Kingdom
1234. Yahyia Askani, Baloch Humen Rights Activist, Germany
1235. Aurangzaib, University of Balochistan, Pakistan
1236. Anwar Raza, South Asia Liberty, USA
1237. Rahim, Band, Great Britain
1238. Sioejeng Tsao, Seeyousioe, The Netherlands
1239. Afsheen Baloch , Student, Canada
1240. Hanneke Janssen, Student, The Netherlands
1241. Khurram Jahangir, Emergency Physician, Canada
1242. Basheer A Mahar, USA
1243. Salim Saeed Al Balushi, Oman Airlines, Oman
1244. Sioejeng Tsao, Seeyousioe, The Netherlands
1245. Afsheen Baloch , Student, Canada
1246. Hanneke Janssen, Student, The Netherlands
1247. Khurram Jahangir, Emergency Physician, Canada
1248. Basheer A Mahar, Retired, USA
1249. Salim Saeed Al Balushi, Oman Airlines, Oman
1250. Deedag, Baloch Student Action Committee , Balochistan
1251. Imtiaz Baloch, Ex Zonal Deputy General Secretary of Baloch Students Action Committee, Balochistan, Pakistan
1252. Mehransepahi, Student, Iran
1253. Muhammad saleem baloch, Human rights activists balochistan , UAE
1254. Abdullah Baloch, Students , UAE
1255. Sadiq Baloch, Doctor, Balochistan Pakistan
1256. Azeem, Chirag, Baloch Student
1257. Qadeer baloch, Student, Pakistan
1258. Iman Bbaluch , BSO (Baluch Students Organisation)-Azad , Oman
1259. Ahadul shovo, Human Rights activist Bangladesh
1259. Ahadul Shovo , Human Rights Activist , Bangladesh
1260. Behrouz Karimzadeh, Why , Iran
1261. Danyal Saqeb, PTM Minnesota, Board Of Directors, Afghan Intellectuals , USA
1262. Rahim Baloch, Sop, Uae
1263. Rahim Baloch, Bso, Pakistan
1264. Dr Nawab Baloch , Chairman BSAC, Pakistan
1265. Agnes Van Buren, Social Worker , Nederland
1266. Irfan Mehsood, Worker Of PTM, United Arab Emirates
1267. L. Dorrestein, Phd Student, Canada
1268. Aniek Van Kaam, Student, The Netherlands
1269. Muslim Baloch, Baloch Students Organization, Pakistan
1270. Judith De Groot , Werkman, The Netherlands
1271. Salman Baloch, Student, Balochistan
1272. Zahra Baloch, Employee, Australia
1273. Zohra Baloch , Employee, Australia
1274. Nadir Anwer , Student , Pakistan
1275. Nadir Anwer , Student , Pakistan
1276. Willem Dieleman, Pancake Adventures, Netherlands
1277. Eva Bakkum, Eva Bakkum, Netherlands
1278. Zohra Baloch , Employee, Australia
1279. Carene Rose Mekertichyan, Signing As An Individual, United States
1280. Nagoman Baloch , Balochi Writer, United Kingdom
1281. Hanni Mirlashari, Norway
1282. NM Preijde, Applied Psychology Student , Netherlands
1283. Doda Baloch, Student , Pakistan
1284. Hava Bazz , Intrado, USA
1285. Damla Tarhan, CFWIJ, Turkey
1286. Abdul Qadir, JKNSF, Italy
1287. Mubarak, Employee, Oman
1288. David Mekertichyan , None , United States Of America
1289. Mohammad Kadkhodaie, Mk, Denmark
1290. Vaneh Keshishian, None, Canada
1291. Rezs Mirlashari, Baloch, Norway
1292. Yaser Baloch, Balochistan
1293. Mansoor Bibak, Balochistan Human Rights Group, Sweden
1294. Ariana Nigoghosian, Student, United States
1295. Casey Dean, , United States of America
1296. Nasir Ali Baloch, doctor, Pakistan
1297. Babul baloch, , Balochistan
1298. Babul baloch, Balochistan
1299. Ghayoum Nematiniya, Social Researcher, Iran
1300. Rose Adams, Student, The Netherlands
1301. Pati baloch , Karger, Denmark
1302. Zahid mohammad yousif, Bahrain
1303. Annika Topelian, Student , USA
1304. Nasrin, Sweden
1305. Larra diboyan, MSU Graduate Student Cobb institute of archaeology , USA
1306. Asefeh Moradi Johnsen, Enployee, Norway
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