KPOPME 2019 Street Team Recruitment
Want to be part of the #KPOPMEFam? Join KPOPME's Street Team!

As a street team member you will be agreeing to following responsibilities:
1. Online - Constantly posting online announcements and posters until the tour is over
2. Offline - Putting up posters and handing out flyers in your local community bi-weekly
3. Sending us all the links to your social media accounts that you will be using to post online
4. Report back to us with a documentation that includes where you've posted the posters and handed out the flyers, along with the pictures of all the posters you've posted in your local community

Please Note:
- This is a voluntary position.
- More details will be discussed after you are selected

*You are agreeing and allowing KPOPME to collect and store information written in this form under KPOPME's street team's contact list

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