StasyQ Referral Program
Dear community!

We are glad to announce that StasyQ has launched a referral bonus program!
Now, everyone can earn additional money by simply sharing a word about StasyQ and promoting our Token sale.
Our StasyQ ICO referral program is free for joining, it's easy to sign-up and requires no technical knowledge.

So here is the matter:
1. Register by filling up the simple form below. After review, we will provide you with a unique affiliate link by e-mail.
2. Save this link and promote StasyQ ICO using it
3. For every ETH contribution from users, invited by you - you’ll receive a 10% ETH bonus.
4. For example, if a user from your referral link registers and contributes 10 ETH, you will receive 1 ETH as a commission.
5. Attention! All commission results will be calculated and paid after the ICO ends. At the moment you should concentrate on bringing visitors to our landing page. The more you bring, the more money you will get!

Your referrals should make contributions from wallets that they specify on sign up, we can't track contributions made from different wallets.

The referral program report is accessible via the link below:

Here is a bonus from StasyQ marketing team - follow the link to get banners that you can use to drive traffic through your referral link:!33hDkSQS!csRWEPK2ozKz3qqysFNhHg

Best channels to promote StasyQ ICO:
1. Youtube
2. Personal website
3. Social media, personal blogs
4. Email newsletter
5. Cryptocurrency website/forums
6. Paid channels like Facebook ads, Google Adwords and so on.

Good luck!

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StasyQ Referral Program works on "LastCookieWins". It means if the user goes by one referral link, then by the second one and registers, the priority is always given to the last referral link *
If an invited user had been registered prior to using your referral link, you won’t be able to earn a bonus *
I understand that I must approve all creatives with StasyQ support team in case of using Advertising Networks (Google Adwords, Facebook Ads and so on) to promote my referral link *
If any abusing situations arise, StasyQ has the right to abolish recounting bonuses without further explanations *
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