Arte Pad Dinner Party Questionnaire
What's your first and last name?
What is your phone number?
What is your email?
What kind of art do you create?
What art projects are you currently working on?
What do you need support with on this project?
What are your biggest challenges as an artist?
What is it costing you to not get this resolved?
What would you like training/development on as an artist?
What would you like training/development on in general?
What area of your life needs healing and what is the impact of this on you?
What would you like to have at the dinner party for Entertainment:
For Music:
For Games:
For Conversations:
For Interactive Art:
What evening do you prefer to have the dinner parties--Friday or Saturday?
Clear selection
We would love to collaborate with you! What area inspires you most to participate in at the dinner parties?
Is there any other suggestions you would like to add?
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