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Adult Children of Divorce Facebook Groups provide a confidential, safe place for adult children of divorce to speak freely and privately. There is even a group formed recently for those whose parents are persistently separated and another group for the spouses of adult children of divorce; if either of those apply to you, look for that option as you are filling out the form, and fill it out even though it has references to Adult Children of Divorce.

Welcome! This form will help you be placed in one of the many Adult Children of Divorce groups (ACOD) or the two other groups mentioned above. They are all secret with people sharing personal family info, and so that is the reason there are a few (painless) steps. You'll be led through the process, will need to friend me on Facebook, but can unfriend or unfollow me once I find you and add you to a group. Friending me helps me find you when there are so many people with similar names on Facebook. That said, so glad you found your way here. If you have any problems, just look me up on Facebook (LeeAnne Abel), and we'll use a different process. You will get an email verification when you are done, and so that is why you are asked for your email. And, no worries, the religion question below is just there to help you receive a specific greeting message that has info you might want to read.

The groups are secret! Your involvement will not be shown on your Facebook profile. Don't forget to check Messenger and email in case we contact you to place you into the group.
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