RSVP - CASE Webinar: Introduction to Communications and Marketing

Tuesday, January 29, 2013 - Room 254, 8:45am

Marketing in higher education presents its own set of unique challenges, from decentralized organizational infrastructures to a distrust of the work itself, yet it is integral to the success of our institutions.<br>
This seminar will offer a basic foundation in two key areas: developing a marketing plan that can be used to achieve a variety of strategic objectives such as increasing enrollment, donors or active alumni; and generating university-wide buy-in to the process and benefits of marketing<br>
<b>Speaker</b>: Susan Mesheau, Executive Director-U First: Student Recruitment, University of New Brunswick<br>

<i>Who Should Attend</i>
- Employees with less than one year of experience in marketing, communications, recruitment, alumni or donor relations
- Employees with more than one year of experience in a post-secondary education institution who are transitioning into these areas
- Managers in these areas who want to refresh their skills in marketing plan development and buy-in processes
<i>Benefits of Attending</i>
- Walk away with a marketing plan framework that can be put to use at your own institution.
- Understand the step-by-step process of generating university-wide buy-in to increase success in your marketing efforts

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