RSGBelgium Hackathon
Date and time: 16/11/2018, 09:00 until 18:00
Place: Université Libre de Bruxelles, La Plaine campus, Building NO, 9th floor, room: 2NO906 ("Salle des professeurs"), Brussels, Belgium
Registration deadline: 9 November 2018
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Scripting programming languages (Python, Javascipt, etc.)
Data and text mining
Machine learning
Networks and Systems Biology
Visualisation techniques
Hackathon Projects
Please read the summary of the following projects and provide your preference on a scale from 0 to 5.
Mining Citation Networks *
Scientific literature keeps growing at an alarming rate and it quickly becomes almost impossible to find relevant information for your research field. Especially given the increasingly multidisciplinary nature of research, it is crucial that relevant scientific results can be quickly and easily accessed. Therefore, the goal of this project is to facilitate this process by mining scientific literature citation networks and highlighting the underlying patterns. Additionally, emergent information could by gained by text mining these papers’ abstracts and integrating them into the network.
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What is the Kardashian Index (K-Index) of your bioinformatics research? *
We have all experienced this, the lousy work of your competitor is all over social media, while your recent brilliant paper was barely noticed. But does this actually mean anything … academically speaking? By collecting various social media parameters, e.g. altmetric, retweets, reads, etc., we can compare this to the academic side of things, e.g. at the impact factor of papers, their citations and their "robustness" in research.
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Twitterbot *
Keeping track of the research or available datasets in your field is always a challenge. What if you had your personal Twitter bot to take care of this for you? In this project we will code a bot covering your topic of interest, in the LactoBot style (
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Generating an AI-bioinformatics paper *
There have been many examples of AI-generated papers, mostly in the domain of computer science. In this project we will generate such an AI-bioinformatics paper using for example markov chains and neural networks. Tasks involve the generation of text and graphics, the collection of relevant examples, etc.
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Dietary preferences
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Social dinner (time: 7 pm)
After the hackathon, we will have more time for networking with a casual belgian dinner and drinks at "Skievelat" (Rue J. Stevens, 16/18 - 1000 Bruxelles), situated at the center of Brussels and close to transportation (train, metro, bus, tram).
The dinner will be at the participants' own expenses and it will cost around 15-20€ per person.
Would you like to participate in our social dinner? *
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