Mason Music Student Artist Application
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Parent First Name
Parent Last Name
Student's Date of Birth
Student's School
What type of act is this?
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If not a solo act, please list the name of the group and the group members here:
Do you have your own PA system?
This is not required, it's just helpful for us to know for certain events that ask for PA equipment.
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How long of a performance is this act prepared for?
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Please copy and paste the url of your youtube audition video. Make sure your permissions on the video are set to "public" or "unlisted." We will not be able to review "private" videos.
Contact Information
Because this form is used by students of all ages, we ask for you to provide the information for the best person to contact. For younger students, this is the parents. For older students, it may be better for us to communicate with the student directly. Let us know with whom we are communicating and their information in the following section:
Who should we contact?
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Email Address
Primary Phone Number
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I hereby give my consent to all photographs, audio recordings and/or video recordings taken of me or my minor child by Mason Music staff or their designee for educational, instructional or promotional purposes. I understand that any such photographs, audio recordings and/or video recordings become the property of Mason Music and may be used by the Studio.
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