Public Safety Survey
Dear Friends,

Last week I emailed you asking how we keep our neighborhoods safe, and questioning whether a budget that increases spending on LAPD while reducing neighborhood patrols and slashing vital city programs and services really accomplishes that goal. I still don’t believe it does, and I need your help to change that.

We need a budget that preserves public safety and reprioritizes the programs that make our neighborhoods safer, stronger, and more vital, like emergency and fire preparedness, gang intervention and youth programs, affordable housing and renters assistance, small business support, parks, and safe streets and sidewalks. And with hundreds of thousands of people across the country marching in the streets demanding change, we need a budget that reforms policing and begins to address the scourge of institutional racism.

In the midst of this economic crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic, everything has to be on the table. It’s time to rethink the old way of doing business. And with a proposed budget that spends more than half the City’s discretionary funds on LAPD, that conversation has to start with our police department and how we improve on our delivery of public safety.

As we consider our budget, Los Angeles, like many cities, is engaged in a re-assessment of how to best provide for public safety, public health, and emergency response. Part of those discussions includes a re-evaluation of which matters should be handled by sworn, armed, uniformed police officers, and which matters are more effectively and efficiently handled by subject matter experts or appropriately trained civilians. That’s where I need your help.

Would you please help me improve public safety and change the way we do things by taking this Public Safety Budget Survey and sharing your thoughts on the proper use of city resources and the proper deployment of LAPD officers?

Councilmember, 11th District
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