WP11 Mobius Mass Jump
Welcome to the registration for the mass jump from WP11 - Luna's Shadow. For this jump, we'll use the MOBIUS FACTIONS private group on PC, so make sure you're in it, before signing up. Please enter the required information below. Make sure your CMDR name is spelled correctly to allow us to find you ingame for the wing-in process. Please also review this post (https://elitepve.com/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=9634&p=104784#p104784) on the Mobius Forums for more details and last minute information (if anything changes before the jump). If you need to edit your response, make sure to save the link shown after you submitted this registration form.
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This is just an optional information, because we might try and organize some kind of a formation before the jump, so it looks better on video and screenshots :-)
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