2020 USQ Census
The goal of this survey is to better serve our members of the quidditch community as part of our diversity & equity initiative. All individual answers provided on this survey are kept confidential and anonymous and used only to produce statistics to help aid in inclusive practices. The information you share cannot be used against you in any way. All questions on this survey are optional and will not record your email or other contact information of yours.
Are you currently a USQ player?
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Are you involved with USQ in any of these capacities?
How long have you been involved with the quidditch community in any sort of capacity?
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What USQ region do you live in?
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How much you personally spend on quidditch in a season?
Your own travel, housing, equipment, member fees, etc.
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What is your age?
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What gender do you identify with?
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If you identify with a gender not listed above please list below.
Do you identify as transgender?
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Do you identify as:
If you identify with a sexuality not listed above please list below.
Are you currently enrolled at a university?
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If you are currently enrolled at a university, what year are you?
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If you are not enrolled at a university, what field are you employed in?
What categories describe you best?
Select all boxes that apply. Note that you may select more than one group.
What language(s) are you fluent in?
What religious holidays do you observe?
Please feel free to elaborate on religious holidays you observe and/or practice, so we may keep observed days in mind when scheduling tournaments.
Do you have any dietary restrictions?
In what ways can USQ be more inclusive? Feel free to share any feedback/thoughts that you have.
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