Ecosystem Markets FAQ Survey
ISAP serves as an independent resource for farmers and their advisers on ecosystem/carbon market opportunities, considerations, and developments. To best serve this role, it is necessary to understand where the biggest information gaps occur and what aspects of carbon markets require further review and explanation.  

We want to hear from you! What questions are you hearing from farmers regarding carbon markets? Which questions are the most relevant / urgent? What is stopping farmers from engaging with carbon markets?

The following survey will help us answer these questions and identify needs for additional ecosystem market resources and programming.  Responses received by July 1 will be eligible for a chance to win an ISAP fleece.

** ISAP does not endorse any particular program or company. Our aim is to facilitate data sharing and assist farmers to navigate the evolving landscape of ecosystem markets.**

If you have any questions about the survey or ISAP's work, please email
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What is your role in agriculture? *
In which state do you work? *
In thinking about your needs and your work with farmers, indicate the interest in / value of sharing the following content: *
Highly interested / very valuable
Somewhat interested / valuable
Rarely interested / low value
Never / not relevant
Why do carbon markets exist?
How does carbon sequestration work?
Why only carbon? What about other GHGs / ecosystem markets?
How are carbon sequestration / carbon credits verified?
What are carbon registries and how do they work?
Why do farmers have to implement a new practice to participate in a market?
What are the requirements for a farmer to participate?
When / how will farmers get paid?
Why is agriculture being asked to participate?
What is the difference between insetting (Scope 3) and offsetting (Scope 1)?
What other financial opportunities exist for conservation practices beyond carbon markets?
How do these conservation practices improve the land, productivity, and farm profitability?
What other questions are you hearing from farmers that should be addressed in future ISAP materials and programming?
What reasons are you hearing from farmers about why they are NOT entering / interested in entering carbon markets? *
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