2020 Applicant Evaluation Worksheet
Working at a summer camp, particularly a residence camp, is very hard work. While it is extremely rewarding, it is also exhausting. An individual is constantly on the go from 6:30 am until 11 pm at night in high heat with limited opportunities for privacy in a constantly changing environment. A person needs to be comfortable making decisions with limited information. Those who would not thrive in this kind of environment are going to be unhappy. In addition to being applicant miserable, it is the campers who will also suffer. This role is not for everyone, and there are a host of different ways that people can remain involved.

Therefore, we need to ask for your help. The applicant who has provided you with this link has expressed an interest in serving as a staff member at Trefoil Academy, a Girl Scouts of Virginia Skyline Council summer camp. Your assistance in furnishing us with the information requested below would be greatly appreciated.

All information given will be held in strict confidence. We appreciate your prompt response to this inquiry. Please return the form within 10 working days. Thank you.
First and Last Name of the Applicant: *
Reference's Full Name: *
How long have you know the candidate? *
In what capacity have you known the candidate? *
May we contact you with further questions?
If so, how may we reach you?
The individual . . . *
Compliments or praises teammates without hesitation.
Easily admits to mistakes.
Is willing to take on lower-level work for the good of the team.
Gladly shares credit for team accomplishments.
Readily acknowledges his/her/their weaknesses.
Offers and accepts apologies graciously.
The individual . . . *
Does more than what is required
Has passion for what they do
Feels a sense of personal responsibility for the overall success of the team.
Is willing to contribute to and think about a project outside of expected hours.
Is willing to take on tedious or challenging tasks whenever necessary.
Looks for opportunities to contribute outside of his/her/their area of responsibility.
The individual . . . *
Generally understands what others are feeling during meetings and conversations.
Shows empathy to others on the team.
Demonstrates an interest in the lives of teammates.
Is an attentive listener.
Is aware of how one's words and actions impact others on the team.
Adjusts one's behavior and style to fit the nature of a conversation or relationship.
The individual . . . *
Unable to say
Demonstrates strong risk management
Readily asks for help
Is not afraid to try new things
Is an attentive listener.
Is team oriented
Has excellent follow-through
Excels at critical thinking
Is eager to learn
Demonstrates self-discipline
Able to make decisions with limited information
What do you think are this applicant's strengths?
What do you think are this applicant's weaknesses/emerging development areas?
If you had a camper, would you hesitate about having this applicant to be your camper's staff member? Please explain.
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