Care for some Improv?
Improv Workshop 2.0- 14th June (Friday), 5 pm - 7 pm.
Registration Fee: Rs 200

Improv which stands for Improvisation, is not just a performance art form but is a tool guide for one's personal growth and development and his/her interaction with others.
It's engaging, and funny and dramatic and a lot like life itself. It can be whatever you want it to be.

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Improv is for everyone.
According to Will Hines, longtime UCB teacher and author of “How to Be the Greatest Improviser on Earth,” practicing improv can help with:

• Saying “yes”: You will at least consider saying yes to things and see the value in that option more often than you did before.
• Listening: Deeper, fuller, more actively
• Brevity: Improv rewards succinct, direct talk.
• Empathy: You will more easily be able to see things from other people’s points of view.
• Bravery: You will be more comfortable to have people see you and watch you.
• Being present: You’ll worry less about the future, less about story, and more about what the moment feels like and what that implies.
• Knowledge: You’ll learn more since you’ll run across so many scenes where someone mentions something you don’t know.
• Clearer opinions: You have opinions all the time but very often you don’t pay attention to them as they’re forming.

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Improv @ 91springboard J.P. Nagar
91s JP Nagar is bringing to you a fun, 2 hour workshop in partnership with Improv Comedy Bangalore (ICB).
ICB is a professional Improv theatre company based out of Bangalore. Four years ago they started with a vision of promoting live-interactive entertainment and influencing change through the power of the art of Improv.

ICB has been instrumental to bringing the first ever Improv festival to India- the Bengaluru Improv Festival, in November 2018.

Wherever they take Improv, they create a space that is safe, inspiring and encouraging for anyone to express themselves.
They are the cool stuff. Find more:

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