Think Like A Mind Reader: Course Application
This is the application for the "Think Like A Mind Reader" video course.

I don't want you wasting your money, or worse yet; your time. This application is my way of helping the right people find what they need, and helping the wrong people avoid what's not for them.

Please answer honestly, and be willing to meet the process in good faith. Single word answers are an immediate disqualifier.

Self Diagnosis & Awareness
How happy are you with your life? *
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Where do you have the most problems? *
What have you tried to solve your problems already? *
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Why do you think it didn't work? *
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What's happening because of these issues? How are they affecting your life? *
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Something Different
What do you hope to get out of the course? *
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What made you want to apply? *
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Vision For the Future
Complete the sentence. "I wish I had. . ." *
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Contact Info
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