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Please note that this form is specifically for clients who are requesting financial assistance. If you are, in fact, able to pay for your grocery items upon delivery, please fill out this form instead:
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Sponsor Angels is an extension of Shopping Angels, wherein we connect you to individuals who would like to provide financial assistance for your grocery items.
We currently only provide sponsorship services in the United States.
By clicking this box, I understand that requesting financial assistance from Shopping Angels does not guarantee that I will receive delivery services. *
By checking this box, I agree and understand that my contact information and address will be shared with the coordinator(s) within my state and with the volunteer I get matched with. We do not share this information with anyone else but cannot guarantee 100% confidentiality. *
By checking this box, I agree and understand that Shopping Angels, and its board/representatives, cannot be sued for any damage or harm that comes to myself or my belongings as a result of requesting services. *
By clicking this box, I understand that I may not be matched with a Sponsor Angel for some time and that I should not rely on Shopping Angels for immediate and urgent needs. *
By checking this box, you agree and understand that at this time, we do not have a standardized criminal background check or screening process for volunteers. Having completed over 400+ deliveries, we have not had any concerns about our volunteers, but past results do not indicate future experiences. We do our best to provide a positive exchange with volunteers and recipients, and if you ever have any questions, concerns, or would like to report a bad experience, you may do so at *
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