EBLS Student Acceptable Use Agreement
Appropriate Use:
Students will be assigned individual email and network accounts and must use only those accounts and passwords that they have been granted permission by the school to use. All account activity should be for educational purposes only.

Students must immediately report threatening messages or discomforting Internet files/sites to a teacher.

Students must at all times use the school’s electronic communications system, including email, wireless network access, and digital tools/resources to communicate only in ways that are kind and respectful.

Students are responsible at all times for their use of the school’s electronic communications system and must assume personal responsibility to behave ethically and responsibly.

Inappropriate Use:
Disabling or attempting to disable or bypass any system monitoring or filtering or security measures, including deleting browser history to conceal internet patterns.

Sharing usernames and passwords with others; and /or borrowing someone else’s username, password, or account access.

Downloading or plagiarizing copyrighted information without permission from the copyright holder.

Cyberbullying is defined as the use of any Internet-connected device for the purpose of bullying, harassing, or intimidating another student. This includes, but may not be limited to:

Sending abusive text messages to cell phones, computers, or Internet-connected game consoles.

Posting abusive comments on someone’s blog or social networking site (e.g., Instagram or Facebook).

Making it appear that the victim is posting malicious comments about friends to isolate him or her from friends.

Sending abusive comments while playing interactive games.

Recording and distributing media with the intent to manipulate or embarrass others.

Consequences of Inappropriate Use:
Appropriate disciplinary or legal action in accordance with applicable laws including monetary damages.

Suspension of access to the school’s electronic communications system.

Revocation of the school’s electronic communications system account(s); and or Termination of system user account: the school may deny, revoke or suspend specific user’s access to the district’s system with or without cause or notice for lack of use, violations of policy or regulations regarding acceptable network use, or as a result of disciplinary actions against the user.

Possible criminal action.

I have reviewed this Acceptable Use Policy. I understand the importance of being polite, kind, and respectful to others and the equipment. I also understand that if I break any of these rules, my computer privileges can be take away and that other disciplinary or legal action may also be taken.

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