Parent Survey
Dear Parent or Guardian,

As per our district policy (C-0911 © CCB-R) and our desire to improve each year, we are required to send home a parent survey. In an effort to reach every parent or guardian, this year, we would like you to fill out the attached survey and send it back to school with your child. This survey is anonymous and is your opportunity to let us know your thoughts and feelings on the educational opportunities we are currently providing your child at our school.
I want you to know that we are deeply concerned with how you feel as a community and parent group and want input in how we can better serve you and your child at Taylor Intermediate. As the administrator of this school I am so impressed with the high quality teachers that we have and the work they do for each child in their rooms. I realize we aren’t perfect, but I am proud to send our children through these teachers’ classes and know that they have the best intentions and give their best effort each day.
Please note that there is a space provided for you at the end of the survey to share anything that you feel we can do better that may not have been in the questions. Please also note that we do our very best with the resources we have and want you to understand that although we realize our systems and school may not be perfect, we are excited to give you our best effort and try and make school a positive learning environment for each child that attends. Taylor Intermediate is truly a community school and we have always been grateful to you and your efforts to participate in the education of the children of this community. I am humbled that you trust us with your most prized possessions. I am also proud to be part of such a supported school. I look forward to personally reading each of your responses and hope you take full advantage of sharing the positive and negative in an effort to help us improve.

Debbie Muder
My child is happy to come to Taylor Intermediate and feels safe in the school setting? *
My child’s teacher cares about him/her and has his/her best interest in mind? *
My child is well prepared academically by Taylor Intermediate? *
The administrator does her job effectively and is an effective leader of the school? *
Taylor Intermediate is preparing students effectively for future grades, and ultimately, college and careers? *
I feel comfortable coming on campus and helping/participating in the education of my child? *
Services that Taylor Intermediate provides my child are effective (Services may include Title I, Special Education, ELL classes, Speech, Reflex Math, etc.) *
If you circled disagree with any of the above questions or would like to address any other concern, please list those concerns below on the lines provided. We would also appreciate any positive comments that you may have.
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