New Summit Fall Festival
PLEASE NOTE: This event is not for selling products (clothing, candles, oils, etc.) you may hand out business cards, flyers, or other business-related item or treat. Thank you!

All vendors except for CURRENT SPONSORS OF NSCA will need to pay $25.00 to reserve your spot. If you are a New Summit parent who has a business and would like to hand out business-related items, you will need to pay $25.00 to reserve your spot. For New Summit parents who want to reserve a spot for their trunk, you will need to pay $10.00 to reserve your spot.

NSCA parents may pay fees by check (made out to New Summit Charter Academy) or Paypal (we will invoice you). Vendors may be fees by Paypal (we will invoice you). Please contact if you have any questions!

PLEASE NOTE: Trunks may not be left unattended. Candy will be limited, please bring your own! Please give only one piece of candy per kid per trunk . Thank you!
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