Maris Stella High School - Direct School Admission (DSA) To Secondary One 2019 Online Application Form

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    Admission Criteria

    To apply via Direct School Admission (DSA) Exercise for Admission to Secondary One in 2019 at Maris Stella High School, current Primary 6 male students must satisfy the following criteria: • Academic entry requirements (PSLE T-Score) eligible for Express course of study and must offer Chinese as Mother Tongue Language • Requirements stated for the CCA that he is interested in MSHS Sports and Games Requirements: (a) Applicants must have represented his primary school, participated in international, regional or national competition(s) in one of the following sports: • Archery • Athletics • Badminton • Basketball • Sports Climbing • Softball • Table Tennis • Taekwondo • Tenpin Bowling • Wushu (b) Key player of the School Team who achieved Top 8 placing at National Inter-Primary School Competition(s), or (c) Individuals who achieved Top 8 placing in their individual events at National Inter-Primary School Competition(s), or (d) Individuals with outstanding achievements. MSHS Aesthetics Requirements: (a) Applicants should preferably be a member of the following Performing Arts CCA in 2017 and 2018 • School Band • Chinese Orchestra (b) Shortlisted applicants must be able to perform: • A self-prepared solo piece, and • A sight-reading piece provided by the school • Any two scales (School Band only) MSHS Scout Requirements: (a) Applicants must be a member of the Cub Scouts in 2017 and 2018 (b) Actively involved in the Scouts Movement (c) Achieved at least the Gold Arrow. (d) Endorsement by Primary School Cub Scout teachers. MSHS Clubs and Societies Requirements: (a) Applicants should preferably be a member in one of these CCAs in 2017 and 2018 • Chinese Drama and Debate • English Literary Society (Debate and Scrabble) • Photography and Videography • Robotics Club (b) Represented his primary school in relevant competitions (c) Certification in relevant skills. (i) Photography and Videography: -Portfolio in Photography/Video-making/Digital Media (Hard/soft copy) -Experience and competency in using media software such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Premier Pro, Final Cut Pro etc. (ii) Robotics Club: -Experience in either C++ or Python Programming -Participated in NJRC/FLL/WRG/APYRC or other international/national robotics competitions and obtained a good standing in either the main or side events. Note: 1. Applicant(s) may or may not be shortlisted for trials/interviews. 2. Meeting the CCA requirements does not guarantee admission to Maris Stella High School.


    1) Maris Stella High School is an all-boys school. 2) Maris Stella High School only offers Chinese/Higher Chinese Language as the Mother Tongue Language subject.
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