UP Cebu CCAD Talent Determination Test (TDT) Eligibility
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Thank you for your interest in taking the Talent Determination Test (TDT). The Office of the University Registrar requires additional requirements for shiftees, transferees, cross-registrants, etc. who are interested in enrolling for the Fine Arts program. This information (guidelines, requirements, application forms) can be found in the Flows and Forms section of the UP Cebu Office of the University Registrar website. All OUR transactions (admissions, shifting, transferring, removals, TCG, etc) are currently being conducted online. If you are a shiftee/transferee/cross-registrant, please comply with the necessary requirements first before proceeding with the TDT registration process.

UP Cebu Office of the University Registrar:

Link for shiftees:

Link for transferees:

Link for cross-registrants:

Application Period for Transfer for the First Semester AY 2020-2021:
2020 June 1, Monday to June 30, Tuesday
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