SH*T GOLD -- The Deep End
July 15, 2018
Velocity Founders Theater 1621 12th Ave

It’s a SH*T GOLD GOLD marathon! We’re opening up the floor for long-form performance events up to 20 minutes in length. Like at any SH*T GOLD, your performance may be at any point in its development and in any live medium. We encourage raw works-in-progress, presented in the spirit of experimentation and risk. Dive into The Deep End as a resource for your creative development. You might take the time to:

Present that epic 20 minute thing you’ve been working on. Build an installation for 10 minutes, lead the audience through it for 2 minutes, and tear it down and load it out for 8 minutes. Stage a 12 minute scene and follow it with an 8 minute Q&A or work-shopping session. Start a community discussion about performance.
Slip 20 one-minute performances throughout the day’s other performances.

You also don’t have to take anywhere near 20 minutes. Your use of time is your prerogative and limited only by your imagination – We only ask that your work do no lasting harm to yourself, others, or the space.

Please note that while you may bring in any number of technical components, this is a low-tech to no-tech showcase with Velocity providing one standard lighting set-up and access to a sound system. You get through set-up and tear-down within your 20 minute time slot.

Developed by Velocity in the spirit of community co-creation.

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