Armada Stream Team Application
Thank for your interest in joining the Armada Stream Team!

Applicant Prerequisites:

1) Streamer is RECOMMENDED to be 16 years or older.
2) Streamer MUST have been active for at least 90 days.
4) Streamer MUST be at least a Twitch Affiliate.
5) Streamer is RECOMMENDED to have at least 1500+ followers on twitch.
6) Streamer MUST have at least 20-30 concurrent viewership.

Armada Streamer Expectations:

Each Streamer MUST use the following panels for proper representation and advertisement of Armada Esports and their sponsors below their Twitch Channel.
- "Armada" Panel with linking URL to our official website.
- "Armada" branded apparel with linking URL to our official Pro Store website.
- Each of our current sponsors with linking URL to the appropriate sponsors website.

Streamers will be required to utilize our slideshow of static images and our sponsors logos applied to their stream at visible size proportion.

Be interactive with the Armada Stream Team members and the Armada community! The more you participate, the more Armada can reward you for your interactivity. This includes sharing posts, participating in discussions via Social Media, hosting other Stream Team members, rooting for Armada Esports teams, being active in the discord, etc.

Best of luck to all Armada Stream Team Applicants!
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