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DEADLINE to submit finalized content: APRIL 30, 2017.

If we asked you to make changes to your title, description, or presenters, please use this form to make the requested changes. If you have questions or need support in updating your language, please email Once completed, AMP staff may make further edits for length and clarity.

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This description will appear in the online conference schedule. Please be clear and specific so participants can know what to expect. Try using our "Session Description-Generator" ==> SENTENCE 1: A powerful statement or question that draws the reader in. SENTENCE 2: How your session will explore that question or statement ("We will... explore/share/draw connections between...") SENTENCE 3: Specifics of what will happen in the session ("We will... learn how to/create a/build...") SENTENCE 4: The intended outcome of the session ("Participants will walk away with...").
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All session rooms contain: markers, large paper, small paper, glue, pens, post-it notes and "this session is full" signs.
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The Point Person agrees to be the central point of contact with AMC organizers and to communicate all relevant information to co-presenters.
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