Lunch/Recess Duty Preferences (2019-2020)
Dear St. Ignatius Families,

We hope that you are having an enjoyable summer. In order to prepare for the upcoming school year, we are working on the schedule for lunch and recess duty. Traditionally, St. Ignatius School has asked our families to each volunteer for at least four lunch/recess duty days each school year to assist our teachers.

Over the past few years, the scheduling has become more difficult using this system of volunteers. We recognize the difficulty of many of our families coordinating lunch/recess duty with work schedules. We also have families who enjoy volunteering during the day. Therefore, we are offering our families two options to benefit our families while ensuring lunch and recess supervision:

Option A: Volunteer to be scheduled for at least four lunch/recess duty times per school year; parents or grandparents who volunteer must have the required clearances. (Families who choose this option and do not fulfill their volunteer obligation will be billed 25.00 per day that goes unfulfilled).

Option B: Pay a 100.00 (per family) lunch/recess duty fee in place of volunteering for lunch and recess duty. The collected fee will allow St. Ignatius School to hire paid personnel to fill slots that used to be filled by volunteers. The fee will be charged to your OptionC account.
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