Class Proposal for the DLC
Please use this form to submit a class proposal for the Discovery Learning Center of Santa Cruz. We have three terms: Fall Term runs from September to December, Spring Term runs January to May, and Summer Term runs June to August. Most of our classes begin and end within a single term but some classes run through both Fall and Spring or year round. Please pick the appropriate term(s) for your class below. Most of our classes run once a week, though we occasionally have multiday classes.

Although we use the word "class" in this form, please use this form for one time workshops, presentations, and other events as well.

Need help filling out this form? Please contact our volunteer/class coordinator at or call (831) 531-7352 and leave a message and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Basic Information for your Class, Club, Workshop, or Activity
What is the title of your class? *
Pick a title that will catch the attention of our members and will be informative. Prior examples include: Writing Workshop, Minecraft Club, History Through Literature, Become a Problem Solving Genius
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During which term do you wish to teach this class? *
Pick all that apply.
How many weeks long is the class? *
Examples: one time event, 3 weeks starting the week of Sept. 8, one session in May, 28 weeks between September and May
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Give us some details: What would be the best day of the week and time of day for you to teach this class? What would be the ideal start date? *
You may look at the DLC calendar for open dates and times. If possible please give us more than one choice for a day of the week or time of day that you would be available to lead this class.
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Write a short description of your class that we can use for our website and newsletter. *
You may wish to include your expectations for the structure and focus of the class.
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What is the age range you recommend for this class? *
To accommodate the various needs of homeschooling families, most of our events are for an age range rather than a specific grade. You can also state specific skills needed for a class regardless of age.
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What is the Activity Rating for your class? *
All DLC classes have activity ratings, please pick the one that best describes your event.
What is the minimum and maximum enrollment you wish to have for this class? *
State your answer as a range, for example: 2-8, 4-12, etc. We suggest the maximum should not go over 15 students for youth classes because of the size of our classroom. You may choose not to have a minimum or maximum if working with adults. Group sizes can be larger if seats are arranged in rows.
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What is the best location for your class? *
Compensation Information
Regardless of how you wish to be compensated, the DLC will add a $2-5 donation per student per class day to be paid to the DLC for the use of our classroom space.
How do you wish to be compensated for this class? *
If you have a SET RATE, please list it below.
If you have a set rate, parents will pay you directly.
Your answer
If you have a SET FEE, please list it below.
If you have a set fee, we will divide the fee among registered participants and collect the total fee into one envelope. This may be a mix of cash and individual checks.
Your answer
If you have a SET RATE or SET FEE, please tell us by what time you wish to receive payment from your students.
Please note: If you are an Ocean Grove vendor, you will receive payment for OG students after the class has ended according to your agreement with Ocean Grove.
Does your class have a separate materials fee? If so, please list it below.
(i.e. $10 materials fee, $2/week, occasional $1-2 materials fee per week)
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About You
Your name: *
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Your street address: *
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Your city, state, and zip: *
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The best phone number to reach you (including area code): *
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Your email address: *
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If you have a website you wish to share with our families, list it here:
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Which of the following do you wish to share with families in our newsletter? *
Consider picking at least one so families can contact you with questions about your activity or class.
Short biography statement for our website and newsletter. *
Tell us a bit about yourself. You may wish to include background about your interest in the subject of your class, personal interests, number of years homeschooling or working with homeschoolers, etc.
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Optional: Weekly schedule or other more detailed information about your class that will help the board know more about your activity.
This information is for the board use only to help us get to know you and your class better.
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Optional: Do you have special promotional needs or other needs for this class? Please add any other information, questions, or requirements for your class here.
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