Princeton School Opening and Procedures Survey
Please complete the survey below and let us know your preferences in school services in the event we hold traditional in person classes, distance learning or online alternatives.
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Will your child be returning to an in person educational setting when PJUSD is able to fully open campuses or participate in a distant learning option? *
In the event of closure or if you choose distance learning, do you have the resources at home to utilize online materials as well as complete work online? *
How will your child access the internet and online learning? *
Are you available for an in person conference the first week of school? This conference will be used to offer information on new procedures, online sign in instructions, distance learning expectations, and any other questions you have. *
If you answer yes to the previous questions please let us know what time of the day works best. We will call and set up conference times at a later date. *
If we are unable to open the campus on schedule but we are able to offer supervised time, on campus, during a portion of the normal school day; would you be interested in a temporary option for a learning pod or learning center on campus? This would involve your student coming to school and working in a socially distanced room with a smaller number of students. The setting wouldn't involve specific classes but instead would allow for students to receive help on work from all subjects. Students would report to one room for a morning session, receive a grab and go breakfast and lunch, then report back to the same room for the afternoon session. Please respond with a yes or no for this service. *
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