Application for DONNA DAY 2021
DONNA and partners invite female game dev students from all over Sweden for an exclusive meet-and-learn event with women from across the gaming industry.

Date: Tuesday, October 12, 2021
Location: Kulturhuset, Skövde

What is it?
DONNA DAY is a day to inspire and support women who study game development in higher education.

What's included?
- Networking: Meet industry professionals and get hands-on advice on how to prepare for the industry
- Panels where you can ask questions and discuss various topics
- Workshops
- Talks
- Lunch, fika and dinner
- Of course there will also be swag bags for all attendees to bring home!

... But most importantly, DONNA DAY is a day for women who love games to get together with like-minded people, make new connections and just have fun!

Who's eligible to apply?
Students at a higher Swedish game education who identify as female or non-binary

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Which city will you be traveling from?
DONNA might be able to help you with travel expenses.
Would you need help with accommodation?
DONNA might be able to offer free accommodation at a local hostel for students not currently admitted to University of Skövde
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Are you able to attend the Sweden Game Conference as well?
Attendees of the DONNA-DAY are eligible for a free conference pass to this year's SGC. For more info on Sweden Game Conference, please visit
If you have any questions or anything else you wonder about DONNA DAY, please be sure to write them down below.
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