Elite Sheet-January--Goal Setting--White Stripe
Be certain your goal is S.M.A.R.T.

S—Specific (date accomplished, detailed goal)
M—Meaningful (important) and measurable
A—Achievable (can you really do it?)
R—Realistic (enough time)
T—Time specific

Goal Setting--Black Belt Success System

Know what you want. My goal is: *
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Have a plan. Write some ways you will work toward your goal. *
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Have a success coach. Who will help you? *
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Take consistent action. What specifically will you do every day/week to work toward your goal? *
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Review your progress. Set a time later in the year when you will see how close you are getting to your goal. Is your plan working? If it is, keep it up. If it is not, write a new plan
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Renew your goals. At the end of this year, write what you achieved and what you want to do next
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