DFW FDOY 2017 Kick Off Event Dallas RSVP
11th Annual Kick Off Festival
Trinity River Audubon Saturday, September 2nd, 2017 | 9:00 am- 1:00 pm
6500 Great Trinity Forest Way, Dallas, TX 75217
Thank you for supporting DFW FDOY 501c3. If you have not already made your donation via our website please do so first then come back to complete this form. Namaste.
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Sponsorship Level? This is based on monetary and IN KIND donation totals. NOTE: Crystal, Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum: Goody bags and/or booth for products and items to give away or sell. CP Studios: free promo on website, marketing and advertising. (no booth). See website for details. *
Platinum or Gold Sponsors: Do you want a tent or booth nearest the registration area? *
Are you making an In-Kind Donation (Product, Service or Giveaway) ? If Yes, answer the next question in detail. If you want your product in the goody bags, see mailing details below. *
What are the details and value of your In-Kind Product or Giveaway Donation? (In Kind donations can be given to FDOY for the goodie bags or you may choose to give out at the event from your booth or tent.)
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Crystal, Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum donors: are you reserving a booth? If YES you do want a booth: MUST check '1' here or you will not be guaranteed a booth or table. (*Community Partner Studios: please select N/A) *
Vendor/Sponsors: Please provide details of what you are offering at your booth? (if you are a Community Partner Studio please type N/A) *
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For logistics about vendor/sponsors: DFW FDOY will be emailing you about a week before the event with logistics and table/booth. Check the website for details.
Each Community Partner will receive 2 complimentary tees per studio as a thank you for your donation. If you have already made your donation, thank you! If not please go to our website and do so first. Enter your info below to sign up for your 2 T-Shirts. Please pick up your tees at the Kick Off Festival on 9/2/17 at the Trinity River Audubon, or make arrangements for someone to get them for you and add their name at the bottom under OTHER. For other logistics please visit the website.
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Do you wish to submit marketing material for the goodie bags or the CP table at the Kick Off Event? (Vendor/Sponsors select N/A) *
For Community Partner Studios or IN KIND donors who have elected to provide marketing material or goodies for bag stuffing: Please mail or drop your materials to be received by DEADLINE: Monday 8/28. Bags will go out 8/29 and material will not be added after that. Mail or Deliver to:
DFW Free Day of Yoga c/o Thom Allen 1900 Preston Road, Ste 267 Box 228 Plano, TX 75093
If you or anyone you know would like to be a FDOY Volunteer, please click this link:
Namaste. Thank you so much for taking the time to fill out this form. See you at the festival!!
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