Athletics Academic Requirement Feedback- BTU (Due Nov 15)
Thank you, in advance, for taking a few minutes to provide feedback on the BPS Academic requirements to participate in athletics. As you may know, we have been discussing our current academic requirement and exploring if changes to the current GPA should be considered. We are seeking feedback from headmasters, students, parents, coaches, athletic coordinators and community partners through similar surveys.

Current Academic Requirements for Athletics
- Enrolled in four (4) core courses (full time student)
- Pass four (4) core course, with overall cumulative GPA of 1.67 (term prior to the start of the season)
- 85% Attendance
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Do you feel the current 1.67 GPA is reasonable for students to participate in BPS Athletics? *
Does your school currently use a higher standard than 1.67? *
If your standard is higher than 1.67, what is it?
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If the GPA is increased, is 2.0 reasonable? *
If the GPA is increased, is 2.3 reasonable? *
If the GPA is increased, is 2.5 reasonable? *
What supports do you feel need to be in place, or provided, to support an increase in the GPA for athletics? *
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Do you have any suggestions around implementation of any changes to the academic requirements for athletics?
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Would you be interested in participating in follow-up meetings/discussions around the requirements for athletic participation? *
Additional questions, comments, suggestions?
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