Camp Pursuit 2018 Teacher Application
Use this form to apply for a teaching position on our summer 2018 Camp Pursuit team. Before you get started, let's address a few key questions you may have...

***What is the commitment?***
Camp Pursuit is a full day academic camp that runs from 9am to 4pm. Teachers must be onsite by 8:50am and can leave for the day once their assigned group of students has been picked up (about 4:10pm).

We have a flexible camp staffing model that can adapt based on the number of registrations. If you teach at a "Classic Camp" (60+ students) you'll work Monday - Friday, full day, and will teach your course to groups of students throughout the week. For camps with less than 60 students, courses may be taught in a single, full day and as a teacher you may be asked to work anywhere from 1 to 5 days that week (depending on number and which courses you are interested in teaching).

The goal is for ALL camps to run in classic mode with a full staff of teachers. However, adapting allows a camp to move forward and still reach as many kiddos as possible. We will inform you of the status of your camp weeks and courses as promptly as we can.

***What is the pay?***
Teachers earn $200 per day of camp. Current university students hired to teach will earn $125 per day of camp.

***Do I create the courses I choose?***
The purpose of this application is to match teachers with courses to TEACH. You will be provided curriculum, training, and a base set of materials. You have much creative freedom to make the course your own, and even a small budget to customize materials. However, you are only committing to take on and teach a course that has already been created.

We have a separate application for teachers to join our CURRICULUM DESIGN TEAM this spring and help create the new courses for summer 2018. That application can be found at You are welcome to apply for one or both roles.

***What grades/age groups will I teach?***
Camp Pursuit is a mixed-age enrichment environment, and all courses are designed by default for grades 1-8, with some exceptions. If you feel some apprehension about that, don't worry. We'll train you on some strategies for mixed-age environments and also help you re-frame the purpose of an enrichment environment to reduce that anxiety.
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