Just A Little Bit Random Self-isolation Film Quiz
Welcome to the Just A Little Bit Random film quiz. Here to hopefully pass the time and entertain during, what for many is, this time of self-isolation. Gather your team (or duo, or maybe just yourself) get onto Skype, Discord, Facebook or whatever form of communication you're using and get ready to start at 8pm (UK time) on Sunday 29th March.

The quiz can be watched/ followed here - https://www.twitch.tv/justalittlebitrandom. It's here that all the ad-vis elements can be seen/heard, along with all the questions. Make sure to answer questions in the order in which they are asked.

Remember that this quiz is just for fun and to create some amusement and entertainment while people are self-isolating. Don't go Googling the answers, if you want to look things up on the internet then just continue trying to work.

When it comes to answers be as specific as possible with the titles. So, if you think the film is a sequel make sure to note that/ use the full title. Try to put the year the film was released if it's a remake - you won't lose any points for not getting the right year, as long as it's close enough to understand what film you mean.
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