Questionnaire - Biryani cooking
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What type of Biryani do you make?
How much time do you require to make Biryani? *
Do you marinate the meat, if yes then how long it takes?
Do you soak the rice in water before cooking? If yes then for how long do you soak?
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How do you seal the lid in order to preserve the aroma from escaping?
Do you cook DUM Biryani? If yes how long does it take (low flame/High Flame)?
Are there any special methods you use to cook DUM Biryani ?
Like avoiding direct heating.
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What kind of cookware do you use for cooking Biryani? *
What type of material is it made up of?
How do you mix the ingredients in Biryani?
half cooked rice/ cooked meat or vegetables etc.
What is that extra effort that you put in to make your Biryani delicious ?
By cooking only in low flames/ By adding a little extra ghee or curd or any specific methods that you follow.
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What type of cooking fuel do you use?
Would you like if the cookware do all the layering and mixing?
Do you put coal or any other heating element on top of the vessel?
Why do you put coal or any heating element on top?
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Will you buy a product which can minimize your effort while making Biryani?
What type of features will you want in such a product?
you can mention your choice of product features which can be a ideal product for biryani cooking
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