Philosophy of Social Science Online Course
We are pleased to offer the first online course on the Philosophy of Social Science Course in collaboration with Critical Realism Network at Yale University.

This intensive online course is designed to assist graduate students in sociology and philosophy with an overview of some of the philosophical underpinnings of current problems in social theory and an overview of how a critical realist philosophy of science might help to resolve them. It will also provide you with the opportunity to connect with other educators, scholars, and researchers who are interested in developing their understand of critical realism.

This course focuses on Critical Realism and its implications for sociological methods and research. We will present Critical Realism as a medium between positivism and post-modernism. Key themes include strong social emergence, causal powers, human personhood, human flourishing, weak biological essentialism, and methodological pluralism. We explore the implications of Critical Realism for both quantitative and qualitative research as well as for our own ongoing research projects.

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Introduction to the Philosophy of Social Sciences Online Course
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