Skagina Application
**** Attention - Yearbook takes two periods first semester and 1 second semester. It also requires being able to attend activities after school to take photos. Please consider this before applying.
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1. Do you have any experience with Adobe Photoshop? *
2. How well do you work under pressure? Are you able to meet deadlines? (detailed answer please) *
3. Do you have any experience with photography or using a DSLR camera? (detailed answer please) *
4. Do you work better in groups or by yourself? Why? (detailed answer please) *
5. In what ways do you express your creativity? (detailed answer please) *
6. How well do you accept constructive criticism? *
I don't
Very Well
7. Would you be able to take time outside of school to be at various school events? *
8. How do you stay organized? (detailed answer please) *
9. Why do you want to be in Skagina? (detailed answer please) *
10. If you will be a Freshmen next year, what school are you coming from?
11. Due to the time that it takes to teach the skills needed for a successful yearbook, are you able to commit to staying in Skagina till you graduate? *
12. How many missing assignments do you have right now?
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