MMF Summer Holiday Lessons
Some MMF Instrumental Tutors are offering a block of 4 additional lessons to take place during the Summer Holidays.

Prices for 4 lessons (your child will continue with the same lesson length unless you notify us that you wish to extend it):

- Individual 15 Minute: £54

- Individual 20 Minute: £64

- Individual 30 Minute: £83

Please note, that not all MMF tutors are able to offer lessons during the Summer Holidays. If your child's tutor is not listed below please contact us for more information. Lessons will take place at times agreed between yourself and your child's tutor. Prices have been calculated based on our normal fees on a pro-rata basis and fees are non-refundable. Due to how our core staff are contracted, the MMF admin office is closed over the Summer break. There will therefore be limited admin support during this period; please communicate with your tutor in the first instance or contact: for assistance during the Summer Holidays.

If you have any questions, please contact us:


Temporary MMF Admin Office Number: 07930 317 377
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Please click 'Submit' to complete your application. If you would like to extend your child's lesson length, please notify us below. You will receive an invoice via email and will then be able to pay online via your Live Parent account. Please note that these are raised manually, so there may be a short delay. We will contact your child's tutor who will arrange the lesson times with you directly. If you have any other questions/comments, you can use the text box below - otherwise leave blank.
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