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Toastmasters International is an organization that believes in empowering individuals to attain excellence in skills that can create the Leaders the world needs.

They do this by shaping members in various spheres, including the art of speaking professionally (and being heard!), the ability to lead, to inspire, to invigorate, and to guide others in achieving their goals and targets.

To do this, Toastmasters clubs and chapters are set up worldwide in almost every location conceivable, with regular meetings and events that encourage members to become better speakers and leaders, through experience of speaking in public, receiving feedback from expert communicators, mentoring programs that engage and inform, and allowing each member to learn at their own pace, ensuring maximum comfort and development at every stage.

Why at SRM?

Regardless of the profession, working in a vacuum is not an option - in every professional's future is written the task of leading or being led, and it is essential to ensure that those who lead are good at what they do, so that those who are being led know that they are in good hands. Leadership is an essential skill for any professional, and Toastmasters strives to inculcate just these skills.

We've said enough. The ball is now in your court, to fill in this form and convey your interest to open a Toastmasters Chapter at SRM-IST.
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A brief note on the Centre for Lean And Six Sigma (CLASS)
The Centre for Lean And Six Sigma is a collective consisting of Students from SRM-IST and working Professionals, ranging from Government Representatives to seasoned Industry veterans from across fields and domains of expertise. Led by Faculty Advisor, Mr. E. Vijayaragavan, the CLASS aims to produce Industry-Ready graduates, to create a future where India's workforce stands with, if not above, the most competent ones on a global scale - such as, to name a few, the Japanese or German workforce.

We aim to do this through various training programs on Industry-demanded skills, including in Six Sigma practices, almost a requirement in modern industry, to Environmental Health and Safety, a critical part of every industry that exists. We work with the MSME, Government of India, and provide expert-interaction sessions on varied fields of expertise, including on Communication and Automation Technologies. We say with pride that through our efforts, dozens of students have been awarded internship and placement offers at Industry Giants like Yamaha and Ashok Leyland.

We hope that you take advantage of this opportunity and gain the skills that will help forge you into professionals ready for the future, who will create the culture of tomorrow.
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