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What companies do you believe do Social Media effectively, and why?
If you scheduled a social media status update on behalf of a client that is a recreational gun range offering a discount of 20% off for teachers to be published for later today, and then you hear on the news that there has been another mass shooting at a grade school that same day, would you do something in managing the gun range's account in response? If so, what? (This is a hypothetical question - we do not have any clients similar to this fictional company.)
If a restaurant chain company is accused in the press of causing food poisoning for a family, but we know that the accusation is completely false, how would you respond to the public in representing the company on social media? (Write a brief sentence or paragraph in 280 characters or less to demonstrate how you would respond.)
June is "National Dairy Month". Pretend you are managing social media on behalf of a company that sells a vegan milk alternative. Write a humorous status update mentioning National Dairy Month on behalf of this company that fits within 140 characters.
What professional computer software are you familiar with?
Provide a link to a sample of a page or more of your writing. The sample may be a school research paper, a blog post, a newspaper article, a poem, an essay, or something else.
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