Hot Chocolate
If you eat dark chocolate, what percentage of cocoa content do you prefer?
Which of these would be your first choice, and what other tastes would you order, when ordering a chocolate?
My first choice
I would also order
Lavender + White chocolate
Strawberry + White chocolate
Pieces of cocoa beans + White chocolate
Pieces of dark chocolate + White chocolate
Rose water and rose petals + White chocolate
Sprinkles and smarties + White chocolate
Cinnamon + Milk chocolate
Pieces of biscuits/cookies + Milk chocolate
Ground hazelnuts + Milk chocolate
Hazelnut praline paste + Milk chocolate
Amaretto and almond flakes + Milk chocolate
Ground coffee beans + Milk chocolate
Chili, cloves, cardamon and cinnamon + Dark chocolate
Raspberries + Dark chocolate
Amaretto and almond flakes + Dark chocolate
Mint + Dark chocolate
Aside from the flavours mentioned above, what other chocolate flavours would you like to try?
Your answer
Is there a flavour you are not familiar with? Eg. you can't remember tasting rose water or lavender before.
Do you have any food allergies that could affect your choice of chocolate? Eg. nuts, lactose.
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Would you appreciate having a vegan (without milk) type of hot chocolate available?
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