Pocket Ginger Hunts - Team Application
Thank you for your interest in joining the Pocket Ginger Team! We are looking for several individuals to fill a few positions within our team, so if you're interested in any or all of the positions, please fill out the application below.

We are currently looking to fill the following positions:
* Blogger Liaison (Blogger Manager)
* Group Chat Moderators
* Flickr Moderators

Here is a brief description of each position - more in depth information will be available in that specific section, if you indicate interest, but just as a little overview:

.::| Blogger Liaison |::.
The Blogger Liaison is the first point of contact for all Blogger Questions, both during applications and after acceptance. As the Blogger Liaison, you will be expected to answer Blogger questions as well as Designer questions *about* bloggers, submitting blogger packs, etc. The Blogger Manager will *not* be solely responsible for making acceptance decisions, but you will have input, and your opinions will be heavily considered in the final decisions. Basically, what the Designer Liaison is for the Designers, the Blogger Liaison will be for the Bloggers.

.::| Group Chat Moderators |::.
These individuals will be added to BOTH the Hunters group with Mod rights, and the Designers&Bloggers group with no special abilities. The Designers&Bloggers group invite is to be sure the Group Chat Moderators have the most up-to-date information. The sole purpose of this role is to help answer questions in the Hunters group, keep the peace, etc, though they shouldn't have to deal with anything too serious, as most people are nice to each other in there and generally helpful. There will be strict guidelines on when to mute someone's chat, ejection protocol, etc. The majority of this job is question-answering, because neither Harmony/PocketGinger nor the Lead Chat Moderator can be here 24/7 to answer questions as quickly as people would like them answered.

.::| Flickr Moderators |::.
In order to keep the Flickr group from becoming a spam group, photos posted are kept in Moderation until hand-approved. Only Designers' vendor photos of what their hunt gift is, Bloggers' photos featuring the hunt prizes, and other photos from Residents *featuring hunt items* are allowed in this group. Because of this, and because of the volume of pictures we should be receiving in moderation, Harmony will need 1 or 2 additional people to help keep up on photo approval in the Flickr group.

If any of these positions sound like something you are interested in, then please keep going with this application and someone will be in contact with you if we are interested in moving forward with you!

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Hunt Experience *
Previous hunt experience, either as a hunter, a staff member, a moderator, etc. Any experience you have with hunts is useful to mention here, just so we can get a feel of how familiar you are with the dynamic of a hunt group. If you have no previous experience with hunts, don't be discouraged! Just write "None" in this box and move on to the next question. ♥
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Other Experience *
Non-Hunt-Related experience you might have that you feel is applicable to the position(s) you're interested in. Are you a group chat moderator for another group? Are you a blogger manager for a brand or event? Do you have customer service or retail experience in RL? Feel free to jot down whatever you think is relevant here. ♥
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Interest *
What position are you interested in applying for? (Don't worry if you're interested in more than one - each section will allow you to pick another position if you'd like, so just choose one for now and move on from there.)
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