Para/Non-Instructional Professional of the Year Nomination Form
Please provide full responses to the short essay questions as shared by the Para/Non-Instructional Professional candidate . Answers should be 100 words minimum to 150 words maximum per question.

CEC Chapter #200 Application Deadline: April 15, 2018

The award is given to a para-professional for their exemplary practice of assisting students with disabilities.


The nominee for the CEC Para-Professional Award must meet the following criteria:
2. be currently involved in direct or related services to students with disabilities.
3. have demonstrated exemplary performance as an employee of a Palm Beach County school.


Anyone may nominate one (1) person for the award annually by submitting to the chairperson of the awards committee via the following:

1. Complete this CEC demographic information awards form and submit:
2. A total of two (2) letters shall be submitted from any combination of the following:
CEC chapter member;
Principal or other administrator;
Special or regular educator other than those listed above;
Parent of a student with disabilities;
Student (if appropriate).

1. Permission must be obtained from the nominee

Only nominees meeting the above criteria will be considered for the 2018 Palm Beach County Chapter #200 Para/Non-Instructional Professional of the Year. A committee appointed by the President will review nominee’s credentials anonymously. A finalist will be selected from the eligible nominees and all nominees will be notified of the results by April 25, 2018.

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The candidate for the CEC 2018 Para/Non-Instructional Professional of the Year will have to answer the following questions using 100 words or less. *
Please share the responses from candidate for the CEC 2016 Para/Non-Instructional Professional of the Year to the following questions
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How long have Para/Non-Instructional Professional been involved with ESE?
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What is the Para/Non-Instructional Professional philosophy about ESE students as demonstrated in his/her actions??
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Why does the candidate should be considered for the “Paraprofessional of the Year”
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