請問您看了本網頁哪幾項的公投結果分析?Which analyses of the referendums on this website did you go through ? (Select all that apply) *
請問您對於鄉鎮公投同意率與人口特徵的散佈圖是否還有其他新的點子? Do you have any other ideas in terms of the demographic variables in the scatter plots? (Enter N/A if none) *
歡迎於下方提供任何其他的建議!(例如:是否有其他想看的圖?是否有其他資料視覺化的點子?介面上有無任何建議?)Please feel free to leave any comments below. *
如果你回報了 bug,想知道更新訊息的話,請留下 mail。If you reported any bugs and would like to follow up, please leave your email address below for us to send you the updates.
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