Winter 2024 Shared Learning Registration Form
Register here for Shared Learning's Winter 2024 courses (including membership through Spring 2024).

If you previously paid the Fall 2023 registration fee of $70, your membership includes Winter 2024 classes and no further payment is needed. Otherwise, a membership fee of $40 will be required.

This form is for registering ONE PERSON. You may register another person by clicking the link to this Google Form in the email sent to you or available on the Shared Learning site
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Payment Instructions
If you did not previously pay the Fall 2023 membership fee, you need to pay the $40 membership fee. Complete the last question on this form to pay by CREDIT CARD. After you submit the form, you'll see a link to the Payment page. Please follow that to pay by credit card. 

** If you prefer to pay by check DO NOT FILL OUT THIS FORM. Rather, print out the registration form found on the site and send in your check by regular mail to the address indicated on the printed registration page. ** 
Name of the person whose course selections are indicated below (i.e., yourself or your partner)
If the person you are registering has a different email address than the one indicated in the box labeled Email at the top of this form, please provide their email address below.
Check the boxes under the word "YES" for each course you want to enroll in. (Some courses have enrollment limits; see the course catalog.) NOTE: Spotlight Classes, that run from 2–4 weeks, are indicated by [ ✭ ] in the listings that follow. 

If $40 payment is needed, your membership registration will be complete when we receive indication that your credit card payment was accepted.  
MONDAYS 9:15–10:45
[11] Spain, A Comprehensive History (Zoom)
[12] Views on the News (Zoom)
[13] Ancient Indigenous Civilizations (Zoom)
MONDAYS 11:15–12:45
[14] Controversies: Despair & Capitalism (Zoom) **WAITING LIST ONLY**
[15] Probing Dostoevsky (on-site)
[16] ✭Wisdom Through Ages (on-site)
MONDAYS 1:00–2:45
[17] Short Story: Art of the Tale (on-site)
TUESDAYS 9:15–10:45
[21] ✭Vermeer: Documentary Film (Zoom)
[22] Great Minds, Eastern Intellectual Tradition II (Zoom)
TUESDAYS 11:15–12:45
[23] TED Talks (on-site)
[24] Solving Life's Dilemmas (on-site)
TUESDAYS 1:30–3:00
[25] ✭Reading Aloud Theater (on-site) **WAITING LIST ONLY**
WEDNESDAYS 9:15–10:45
[31] Great Short Stories (Zoom)
WEDNESDAYS 11:15–12:45
[32] Sharing Personal Histories (Zoom)
[33] Spanish Conversations (Zoom)
[34] Opera (Zoom)
[35] ✭World's Fairs (on-site)
[36] ✭Paradox of Persuasion (on-site)
WEDNESDAYS 1:15–2:45
[37] Craving Chances for Deeper Thinking (on-site)
THURSDAYS 9:15–10:45
[41] Cosmic Color (Zoom, begins at 9:00)
[42] World Heritage Sites (Zoom)
THURSDAYS 11:15–12:45
[43] Origin of Civilization (Zoom)
[44] Ovid's Metamorphoses II (on-site)
[45] Comparative Film Analysis (on-site; begins 11:00 am)
FRIDAYS 9:30–11:00
[51] Deutsche Konversationsgruppe (Zoom)
FRIDAYS 10:00–11:30
[52] First Friday Book Club (Zoom)
FRIDAYS 11:15–12:45
[53] Art Meets Literature (Zoom) **WAITING LIST ONLY**
Winter 2024 COVID Policy

People who have tested positive for COVID-19 should notify their Shared Learning moderator or event organizer and refrain from attending on-site Shared Learning activities for five days. If there are any new CDC and/or local guidelines issued, these will be followed with regard to attending on-site classes and other on-site Shared Learning activities.


If you have not previously answered the following (or if your preferences have now changed), kindly indicate your current position regarding the use of photographs by Shared Learning:

At this time, I grant and authorize Shared Learning the right to use any picture(s) taken of me during sponsored Shared Learning events, activities or meetings for its promotional materials, without payment or other consideration. This authorization shall continue indefinitely, unless I revoke said authorization in writing. Also, any photos shall become the property of Shared Learning and will not be returned. Please indicate your preference by checking one of the boxes below.


I will use a handicapped parking permit
Complete the next two items (A and B) only if information for this person has changed since last time registered in Shared Learning or if you are new to Shared Learning.
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Payment Instructions
To pay now by CREDIT for your Winter term membership, check the box below. After submitting this form, select the payment link on the next screen to continue to the online Payment Form.  

Be sure to fill out all fields on the Payment Form, including card expiration date, CVC, country and zip code, before clicking the Pay button.
PAYMENT: Verify the payment below. (Do not complete if you previously paid the $70 Fall 2023 Membership Fee.)
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