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Please complete this membership form. You do not have to print it off and send it in, the form is sent to us when you click on the 'Submit' button on the last page.

This form must be completed & returned by anyone wishing to be a playing club member for this season.

Please do your best to complete all fields on the form, this information is vital for the effective running of our club and the information you give is required by the sport’s governing body, Volleyball England. If you do not wish to complete some fields for personal reasons please leave them blank (you may need to fill in a paper copy if this is the case), required fields are marked (*).

Please note that any email addresses given in this form will be used to provide details about activities, whether events will be cancelled and to keep you in touch with the club.
Member Details
The details provided here are the details of the member. It could be you, or your son or daughter - but must be for the person wanting to be a club member.

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Photographs and Personal Information *
Please indicate here whether you are happy for you/your son/daughter (if u18) to feature in any photo or video images in association with NSVC. The club will make every attempt to abide by your preference. For those players who participate in National Volleyball League this will involve some personal information in addition to photographs. Please tell us:
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