Vitality Pilates Teacher Training Academy Interview Survey
Thank you for your interest in the Vitality Pilates Teacher Training Academy. After filling this form, the Admissions Director will review your responses.

If you are a good candidate, you will receive an email with a lot of useful information, be invited to an in-person interview and a tour of the training facility. Please be as detailed with your responses as possible!

For further inquiries or to submit a resume, please email

Course information is readily available in our online Course Catalog at
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What draws you to being a Pilates instructor? What knowledge and experience can you bring to a career in Pilates? *
Explain how you will fit 12-15 hours of weekly Pilates teacher training into your current schedule. Training to be an instructor takes 13 months, 450 hours and strong organizational skills. *
Tuition costs $5900, you must purchase your own textbooks, plus 10 private lessons at $60 over 13 months. Payment plans are available. Work study, scholarships and other incentives may be available to you, but are highly competitive. A $1000 deposit is due upon registration. Explain any financial hardships that may impede your participation in the program.
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